Introducing Santa Fe Relocation’s Global Mobility Survey 2019 ‘REVISION: Mobility through the looking glass’

Last year’s survey explored why and how organisations and Global Mobility teams needed to act and embrace change in Global Mobility. This year’s “Revision” focuses on what transformation still needs to be done to ensure that Global Mobility remains a relevant and sustainable contributor to the deployment of internationally mobile employees. Latest thinking and insights on:
  • Emerging talent trends in 2019.
  • Evolving role of the Global Mobility profession.
  • How the ever-changing way we work is shaping Global Mobility.
  • How Global Mobility manages risk
  • The future of Global Mobility.
The survey will be followed by a series of webinars  and whitepapers produced throughout the year by Santa Fe Relocation’s consulting team, ensuring you are kept on top of trends. Related content: Live webinar: 2019 Global Mobility Survey—Key findings For further information on how Santa Fe Relocation can help you shape your Mobility programmes, contact John Rason, Global Head of Consulting As part of Santa Fe Relocation’s 'Global Mobility Insights' series – supporting HR/Global Mobility teams manage a globally mobile workforce.

Global Mobility continues to be a vital tool for businesses to execute on their strategy. However, in 2019 we are seeing a shift in the profile of the mobile population. With more employee initiated moves than ever, organisations must be flexible to meet not only the talent needs of the business, but also the motivations and expectations of the talent.

Of businesses initiated short-term assignments in 2018 and 63% of businesses initiated long-term assignments
of GM teams relocated staff to new destinations in the past 12 months.
of all international assignees were female.
Reimaging the Global Mobility profession

The day-to-day role of Global Mobility professionals is likely to evolve in the coming years, to allow for a closer focus on talent by shifting the responsibility for operational ‘hygiene’ activities. This has significant implications for Global Mobility—which could see some organisations deconstruct current structures to better align with their business and talent priorities. Many Global Mobility teams are likely to remain one group but should perhaps take a deep-dive look at their priorities and value-based activities.

expect their Global Mobility team structure to transform in some capacity.
of North American Global Mobility teams predict strategic functions will be absorbed by HR business partners or divided between talent and reward.
of Global Mobility teams are planning to invest in new technology over the next 24 months.
Balancing risk and compliance

Global Mobility teams are faced with a wide range of challenges as they seek to mitigate against risk while pursuing their objectives and growth opportunities

of GM teams view immigration compliance as the main challenge to achieving GM objectives over the next 24 months.
of GM teams identify cultural differences as the key factor in challenging locations
of GM teams have a programme in place to ensure their business travellers are compliant.

Research Methodology

Santa Fe Relocation commissioned Savanta to conduct the Global Mobility Survey 2019. 703 professionals responsible for Global Mobility programmes across 35 countries were surveyed along with 53 Business Leaders from six countries and territories: the UK, US, France, Denmark, Singapore and Hong Kong.

  • check_circle5.2m total number of staff employed globally by organisations that took part in this survey.
  • check_circle675,000 internationally mobile employees managed by organisations that took part in this survey.
  • check_circle1m+ business travellers managed by organisations that took part in this survey

Authors and contributors

In addition to sharing the results from the Global Mobility Survey 2019, this report also provides critical analysis and insights from 17 industry leaders.

John Rason
John Rason
Group Head of Consulting
Santa Fe Relocation

Recognised as a thought leader and speaker on strategic international HR, talent management and Global Mobility, John has 15 years of global consultancy experience, having previously held senior HR leadership roles in numerous global
businesses across a range of industry sectors, He now works with global organisations to create value and improve the structure of Global Mobility programmes; focusing on aligning strategic objectives with operational delivery.
Peter Ferrigno
Peter Ferrigno
Global Practice Leader Immigration and People Director
Santa Fe Relocation

As a highly experienced Global Mobility consulting practitioner, Peter has more than 25 years’ experience working for the big four, establishing and building Global Mobility practices across Europe. He has worked as a senior advisor to many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies and, in his current role, aligns people and business strategies that support customer satisfaction and overall process improvement initiatives. His advisory expertise span across Global Mobility, tax, immigration and HR. He is a chartered tax advisor and is a chartered accountant.

Julia Palmer
Julia Palmer
Group Head of Relocation and Assignment Management
Santa Fe Relocation

A respected mobility advisor globally, Julia has 20 years’ big four experience working with clients across all regions and industries to develop their global mobility strategy and supporting framework. She has forged her expertise by transforming the mobility programmes of a wide range of organisations, from multinational conglomerates to brand new start-ups seeking to globalise;
consistently enabling these clients to form closer links between the talent and mobility agenda, with the use of data and insights.
Robert Fletcher
Robert Fletcher
Senior Vice President of Mobility Solutions
Santa Fe Relocation

As someone at the forefront of Global Mobility operations, Robert has shaped many of the industry’s quality standards and processes. With over 30 years in HR and Global Mobility, he has developed a wealth of knowledge stemming from vast experience of helping organisations develop world class mobility programmes and leading-edge service delivery solutions. Robert has both distinguished and meritorious service awards from the Employee Relocation Council (ERC) and served as chairman of the Global Workforce Symposium.
Peter Graham
Peter Graham
Group Director of Visa and Immigration
Santa Fe Relocation

Peter is a recognised thought leader and speaker on immigration, border management and security with almost 30 years in these fields of expertise. He has worked at every stage of the immigration lifecycle, including both national and international policy-making and strategy. After spending 17 years at the UK Home Office and 10 years leading IBM’s global border and immigration business, Peter joined Santa Fe Relocation in 2017.

External contributors

check_circleDavid Carmichael
Director, Global Mobility COE
check_circleDinesh Jangra
Partner, Head of Global Mobility
Crowe UK
check_circleSelina Jones-May
Group Director of Global Mobility and Global People Projects
check_circleGerald Moor
The Inkerman Group
check_circlePhil Renshaw
Doctoral Researcher Cranfield University
Founder and Director
check_circleProf. B. Sebastian Reiche
Professor and Department Chair of Managing People in Organisations
IESE Business School, Spain
check_circlePeggy Smith SCRP SGMS-T
President and CEO
Worldwide ERC
check_circleErnst Steltenpöhl
Co-founder of the Expatise Academy
check_circleJanine Vos
Member of the Managing Board and CHRO
check_circleNicolai Wassman
Head of Global Mobility
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