Watch the video recording from the Benelux Virtual Networking event to celebrate the launch of our recently published Global Mobility Survey 2020/21 ‘REPURPOSE: Challenging change’.

Event:  The global pandemic has accelerated organisational transformation in 2020 – First broadcast on Thursday 26/11.

Hosted by John Rason, Julia Palmer, Peter Graham and joined by Sigrid Nauwelaerts and Edwin Van Hensbergen.

Transformation – re-defining your global mobility purpose in 2021?
+ Global Mobility transformation – no change or all change?
+ What we did before may not get us to where we need to go in 2021.
+ What should mobility professionals be reflecting on to remain sustainable going forward?

Talent – how will organisations evolve their talent and policy frameworks post COVID-19?
+ Talent – are we really all going to remain virtual in our future work roles?
+ Are we really seeing new talent models or is it a reaction to the here and now?
+ Have we opened ‘Pandora’s Box’ for people demanding work goes to them, not people going to work?
+ Should I stay or should I go now? – motivating and attracting talent to relocate internationally.

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Global Mobility Survey 2020/21 ‘REPURPOSE: Challenging change’ — Download the full report