Watch the video recordings from our exclusive mini-series of UK events to celebrate the launch of our recently published Global Mobility Survey 2020/21 ‘REPURPOSE: Challenging change’.

Event 1:  Accelerating into an uncertain future – keep pressing the accelerator or foot on the brake? – Broadcast on Thursday 26/11

Hosted by John Rason and Julia Palmer

+ The changing nature of Global Mobility – explore what transformation means for different sectors.
+ Employee experience and duty of care: creating competitive advantage including the external talent market
+ International talent strategy planning – should global mobility professionals be involved?

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vent 2: Immigration compliance and care in a post COVID world –
Broadcast on Tuesday 01/12

Hosted by Peter Graham and John Rason

Guest speakers: Mr Chris Kane, former Head of Property at the BBC and author of recent book ‘Where is my Office?”; Mr Liam Brennan, CEO of GT Travel; Mrs Janice Wass, Global Mobility at Leonardo.

+ Where is my office? Offices will still exist in the future but not as we know them today [speaker: Mr Chris Kane] 
+ Global Mobility Survey findings – what does it tell us about the future?
+ Global Travel management – why compliance and care are two sides of the same coin [speaker: Mr Liam Brennan]
+ Compliance from an industry perspective – key challenges for Global Mobility in managing immigration compliance [speaker: Mrs Janice Wass]

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Event 3:
Virtual Assignments: reality or a compliance nightmare? Assessing the wider implications of remote working in a post COVID-19 world – Broadcast on Thursday 10/12

Hosted by John Rason, Peter Graham and Dinesh Jangra

+ Exploring what we really mean by remote working and virtual assignments?
+ Short term response or long-term reality – will these really be the new normal talent practices?
+ People considerations – duty of care is more than a virtual social catch up.
+ A multi-disciplinary challenge – who will manage it?
+ Governance – who should make the decision and for whose benefit?

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Global Mobility Survey 2020/21 ‘REPURPOSE: Challenging change’ — Download the full report