How can Santa Fe Relocation help my Surrey move?

As a leading moving company, we have helped people move to and from destinations locally and abroad, including Surrey. We have dedicated ourselves to creating seamless moving experiences, all made possible by our talented team of moving experts. For your convenience, you will be connected to a single point of coordination because we believe in making your move as simple as it can be.

In addition, we also provide moving services of unrivalled quality, with each one designed to remove the hassle from your Surrey move. We know that moving anywhere, even if only down the road, can be a daunting time in anyone’s life. If you have any questions or concerns about your move, please get in touch with us today. You can also find out how much your move might cost by filling in our free moving quote form.


Surrey moving services

Perhaps you’re moving from Surrey to a different country, you could be worrying about the very real phenomenon of culture shock. If so, why not consider our language and cultural training programs? They are an excellent way to not only learn the language, but to get a better understanding of the local culture’s unique aspects. Our area orientation service is an equally good option and it can help you grasp what day-to-day life is like in your new country. If needed, you can tailor the orientation to include the things you want to see; just let our move coordinators know what you require and they’ll help create a custom itinerary.


Surrey highlights

  • East to travel London
  • Most densely wooded county in Britain
  • Great for families and commuting professionals alike
  • Important historical sites such as Hampton Court Palace

Surrey history

Before the arrival of the Romans to Britain, Surrey was likely occupied by various tribes, one of which supposedly allied with the Romans when they invaded. Surrey itself wasn’t particularly important to the Romans, although the London suburb of Southwark (once a part of Surrey) was occupied by them. Did you know that the first recorded instance of ‘Londoners’ appeared on an excavated Roman stele in Southwark?

Surrey in the Middle Ages was relatively safe from Viking invasions, thanks to its inland position. That was until the disastrous reign of King Æthelred the Unready, which saw Surrey devastated by a Scandinavian army led by Thorkell the Tall in AD 1011. Surrey stabilised after the Norman invasion of 1066, although its poor soil meant it never flourished until the advent of the Tudor Age. Spectacular royal palaces were built in Surrey by the early Tudor kings, including one so grand it was called Nonsuch (as in, there is no such palace as great as this).

Surrey remained sparsely populated until the railway was invented, thus giving rise to the phenomenon of commuting to London from a rural area. Its population and wealth boomed as the economy became entwined with London’s own. Today, Surrey and its myriad towns and villages are still hugely popular for people travelling to London for work.

Living in Surrey

Despite being a haven for London workers looking to escape the city, Surrey still has plenty of its own character and charm. Farnham for instance, is a quaint market town characterised by beautiful Georgian streets and historic buildings. The monthly farmer’s market is a particular highlight.

For nature lovers, you can’t do much better than Frensham. Its famous Great Pond and Common represents a wonderful slice of the quintessential English countryside. There is a spectacular beach to explore too, which features a variety of rare wildlife and plants.

If you want to live in the real-world equivalent of a story-book village, Shere is it. Featured in blockbusters like Bridget Jones and Four Weddings and a Funeral, Shere’s picturesque streets are a joy to behold. It doesn’t skimp on natural sights either, with the nearby Surrey Hills being a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Whatever you need for the perfect Surrey move, our talented team has the expertise to make it happen. We are Santa Fe Relocation, your one-stop Surrey moving company. We make moving home easy for you.

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