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From Canada to Thailand: towards an exotic new family life

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Here Alvin, Rio and their daughter Alexandria take us through their experience of moving to Thailand from Canada; how were the decisions made and how differently they approached the relocation journey.

What did your children think about moving to a new country?

Alvin: My eldest child, Alexandria, just started to get used to her 1st year in kindergarten in Canada so she was very hesitant and sad about having to leave her new found friends behind. She was very worried about having to make new friends again when it took her a while to make the current friends that she had.

She liked the condo with the pool and that got her to like the place. She very much disliked the traffic in Bangkok and kept saying let’s go back to Canada. Her worries regarding making new friends were unwarranted as the children at NIST international school were very friendly.

Alexandria: On the 1st day I made two new friends, but was sad that I didn’t have mommy and daddy around. On the 2nd day I made two more friends, one from Canada like me! But still sad because I had to leave mommy and daddy.

To what degree have your children influenced your decision for moving?

Alvin: Every decision I make is what I believe to be in the best interests of my daughters and this opportunity is once in a lifetime. I believe in the long run, being that they are at such a young age, that this will help shape their lives and become more open to different cultures and nationalities.

How have your children find integrating with local peers?

Alvin/Rio: The local peers have taken a liking to her and from her appearance, they believe she is Thai. At times they will speak Thai to her and she gets a bit overwhelmed as she has no understanding (as of yet) of the local dialect.

What’s most important is that she has friends at the first day of school and she’s happy.

Have you managed to easily find activities for your children?

Alvin/Rio: We’ve researched a great number of activities for the kids, but yet have to follow through with them. Settling in and getting ready to work have left us trying to find the time. The condo itself provides my eldest daughter swimming and a children’s area and these are free, but the other things outside of the condo are yet to be explored.There is no doubt in my mind that we will be able to find more activities for them to do once we are truly settled in.

What was the most challenging thing for your children (language, food, etc…)?

Alvin: One of the most challenging things for my daughter was the traffic! In Canada we are not used to a 30 minute drive for 2 km.  A tablet is a lifesaver to keep the eldest entertained. For the newborn, that is another story. The only thing that can calm her down is being carried and in Bangkok traffic that is not always feasible inside a car.

Alexandria: It’s hot!!! I feel like my face is burning!  But I like the pool so that’s ok.


Santa Fe Relocation thanks Alvin and his family for sharing their experience with us. We wish them all the best as they continue their adventure in Thailand!

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