White paper | Balancing global growth while maintaining worldwide compliance

What the white paper covers

Download this free white paper, aimed at HR and global mobility professionals, that explores the compliance and risks associated with managing employees that travel internationally on business.

Particular focus is given to exploring one of the biggest trends in the global mobility industry—the rise and growing number of international business travellers and short-term assignments—and its impact on HR and Global Mobility.

The desire for organisations to send their employees around the world for face-to-face business meetings remains unabated, despite the growth in virtual meeting technology. Personal attendance is still seen as a business advantage. The desire to act early on new opportunities, maintain existing relationships and build inter cultural understanding drives the continual rise in business travel.

This paper draws from research findings in the Managing Risk and Staying Compliant section of the award-winning 2017 Global Mobility Survey Report entitled ‘Embedding Business Strategy in Global Mobility’.

Download this Paper to find expert insights and recommendations on due diligence and compliance protocols that can be used to mitigate risk, while managing an internationally mobile workforce.

  • Global Mobility industry trends
  • What defines an international business traveller?
  • The growth in business travel and what that means for the global mobility function
  • The complexities and challenges surrounding compliance of business travel
  • The risks associated with business travel, including immigration and taxation
  • Due diligience and compliance protocols to mitigate risk
  • Recommendations for success.