Report | Effective transformation in Global Mobility—A board game or a puzzle?

What the report covers:

Global Mobility as a function is on the verge of a new wave of development and change,  as organisations transform the Global Mobility function’s purpose, structures and roles.  In this must-read Report, we explore the background which led to this change as well as the opportunities and risks for Global Mobility professionals. Our aim is to support this transformational journey.

Organisations are going through unpreceded change, as they move through cycles of globalisation and continue to evolve their future business models (as we explored in our White Paper ‘The future of work and the impact on Global Mobility’ part one and part two.)

Our research findings highlight that business leaders are looking for human resources and Global Mobility professionals to refocus from compliance-based activities to support strategic initiatives in the areas of talent planning and innovation to drive employee engagement and employee experience acquired from international work arrangements.

Whether Global Mobility initiate transformation or this is imposed from board level, in this report we explore the dynamics and wider considerations in selecting partners and suppliers through formalised selection and tendering processes. Depending on the scope and scale of this exercise, it is often a complex, resource-sapping project and thus deserves robust preparation to determine with clarity, the desired outcomes, expectations and aspirations. If the goal is a win-win result for all concerned, investing in the right due diligence will pay dividends as the transformation evolves into a transformed service model. As an addendum, we provide a Checklist to support the transformation process.

Designed for Global Mobility professionals. This report is part of our ‘Global Mobility Insights’ series and draws from the research findings in Santa Fe Relocation’s 2018 Global Mobility Survey REACT Transformation in the age of uncertainty.

Reasons to download:

  • Gain a go-to guide and recommendations from Global Mobility experts on how to effectively manage a transformation of the Global Mobility function.
  • Understand your internal and external stakeholders, (who to choose, who not to choose) and how to effectively manage them.
  • KEY TAKEAWAY: A go-to CHECKLIST of recommended steps, actions and key questions for Global Mobility teams – to support a successful transition and transformational journey.