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2020-21 Global Mobility Survey—Complete the Survey!

NEW closing date: Sunday 7th June 2020

Would you like to take part in our award-winning annual research?

Our 2020 Global Mobility Survey is now live, and we are inviting HR and Global mobility professionals to contribute and complete the survey.

It’s your opportunity to share your insights and help uncover trends, hot topics and emerging issues in the Global Mobility industry.

By taking part, you’ll also be in with the chance to win one of ten £50 Amazon vouchers and be one of the first to receive an exclusive pre-publication copy of the report.

The research is independently conducted on our behalf by Savanta.


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Take part in our annual award-winning Global Mobility Survey of HR/Global Mobility professionals worldwide.

Share your views, insights, challenges and current practices and you’ll get an advanced copy of the published research report, released later in the year. It only takes 15 minutes
Research independently conducted by Savanta. Commissioned by Santa Fe Relocation.

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