Point of view paper | The digital future of immigration

International travel in some respects, is easier than ever before—yet it still remains complex. Governments continue to add hurdles through new and complex immigration and tax laws, visa regimes, pre-clearance and permission to travel schemes, as they seek to deliver safer journeys and stronger border controls. Moreover, delays for visas and work permits and long queues at Immigration and Customs controls are commonplace around the world.

In this paper, we share and explore our own vision of the future for immigration—a new way of digital immigration control, as designed by our thought leader on immigration, Peter Graham.

It leverages the new digital schemes that governments around the world are introducing. It’s an approach that blends effectiveness with security, and it explores how making digital innovations in immigration can make global travel simpler and easier.

“One of the keys going forward is to start to link disparate solutions into a single overarching customer journey and then to get governments around the world to take the leap to a new digital world of travel facilitation and enhanced security.” Peter Graham, Director of Visa and immigration, Santa Fe Relocation.