How to cope when moving home with teenagers

Being a teenager is complicated, of that there can be no doubt. When you throw in the sometimes daunting process of moving home, it can hit them especially hard. They already have enough on their plate dealing with the difficulties of life changes, making it important for parents to find the right approach. This can be as simple as just listening to their concerns, or offering ideas and activities to make the process a little bit easier. We’ve put together a short guide filled with tips on helping teenagers cope with moving home:

Get them involved

Oftentimes parents organise each and every aspect of the move, forgetting to ask their children what their thoughts might be. When planning to move, you should ask your teenager what they want in a new home. Whether this is a specific type of bedroom, a lively neighbourhood, or a garden, treat their input equally to your own. They’ll appreciate being involved in the house hunting process and it’ll go a long way to taking some stress out of the move.

Getting them involved in the moving process can be more than just listening to their ideas and concerns. Consider creating a list of things for them to complete when the moving process starts, such as helping with the packing, making sure their younger siblings (if they have any) are OK, checking the cupboards for any items still left behind etc. You could also ask them them to do some research into the destination you’re moving (or thinking of) to. Get them to look into local restaurants, the best places to visit, community events etc.

It probably sounds obvious, but it is so important for parents to recognise that moving as a teenager is often stressful. Make sure you’re fully organised yourself and be prepared to offer support, even if it’s not immediately apparent they need it.

Give them the details

Once you’ve finally settled on a home, share the moving details with them. You can suggest that they choose their room and ask what sorts of things they’d like in the house. Giving them the space to decide how they want their room to look is a great way to boost their confidence about the move. Think about it like a project too; it’s a fantastic opportunity for your teenager to focus on shaping their own environment.

Something else you should absolutely consider is to not move right in the middle of your teenager’s school year. School life is everything to them; it is the structure they need to develop identities and learn how to be functioning members of society. Our advice is to think about moving at the end of their school year, to give them plenty of time to adapt to their new home and neighbourhood. It’s not always the clear cut option though; it is entirely possible that your teenager might prefer to join a new school in the middle of the academic year. This means they can jump right into a routine that’s already in full flow. Call it a trial by fire, but it can sometimes be the best option for certain individuals.

Help them document the move

When moving abroad, or to a different city, leaving friends and familiar areas behind is one of the most difficult parts. One way to make it simpler for teenagers is for them to create a ‘moving journal’, if you will. They can include pictures of their friends, home and locations they’ll likely miss. This way, they can always have something to turn to if they feel a bit lonely during the moving process. Also, a journal easily functions as a handy contact book for all their friends to fill their details in.

Put together a moving kit

A moving kit is the perfect way for your teenager to organise at least one part of the move themselves. Books, games, magazines, you name it; all can go into the moving kit as something they can access the second they walk into their new home. It can also double as an essentials kit, so clothes, toothbrushes, deodorant etc. Basically everything they’ll need for a comfortable first night after the move.

Prepare their comforts

Once you’ve moved into the new home, it’s imperative you sort out essential amenities such as the internet and hot water; even better if you can get it sorted before your moving in date. A surefire way to scupper a peaceful move is to forget to sort out the internet! Teenagers might seem glued to their phones, but the reality is that it’s the best way they have to stay in touch with friends. If required, we can provide a convenient handyman service to help you with things like attaching a TV to wall or putting furniture together.

Why choose Santa Fe when moving home with teenagers?

Throughout our history, we have always prided ourselves on delivering exceptional moving journeys. We do this by providing moving services of unrivalled quality, with each one designed to make your move as carefree as possible. Say you and your family are moving abroad, you might want to consider our area orientation service. It is a great option for teenagers, who can say what they want to see in an area and have it included in the bespoke itinerary. Our language and cultural training service is beneficial for them too, as often teenagers moving abroad struggle to feel a sense of belonging. With our training programmes, they can get a grasp of the local language and learn what makes their new country’s culture unique. We also provide shipment protection, which is a form of cover for your possessions during the transportation process.

For domestic moves, we all know how much teenagers have stuffed in their bedrooms. Our storage solutions provide secure refuge for all their belongings, and with Santa Fe you only pay for the space you use.

Whatever you need for a seamless moving journey, we have the expertise to make it reality. We are Santa Fe Relocation, your one-stop moving company. We make moving home easy for you. 



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