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From Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok: Moving alone as an expat woman

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Here Genie takes us through her experience of moving alone from Vietnam to Thailand.

Where did you move from and where to? How did you feel about the experience of moving alone to another country?

Genie: I moved from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to Bangkok, Thailand. It was exciting as it was my first time to live and work in Bangkok. At the beginning I was a little bit concerned about how I was going to settle down there in terms of housing.

Moving alone was not difficult as I have been living away from family and friends for many years. I was more excited to move.

How was your experience when integrating with the local people? How do you think this would compare to moving with family or friends?

Genie: I’ve been living away from family for quite a while so I feel it quite easy to integrate with local people. The local people are friendly, especially through connection with my colleagues and Santa Fe Relocation staff. They are now my new friends. It is a little bit difficult sometimes compared to moving with family & friends as I don’t speak local the language yet.

Have you had a chance to explore Bangkok? What are and how do you feel about the differences with your hometown?

Genie: I explored a bit with my colleagues, on my own and also Santa Fe Relocation gave a good orientation tour that took me to local places. Shopping here is easy, food is good and available everywhere. Food is more spicy than in my hometown though. But I like it.

How did you adapt to the new community? Have you been to any community events?

Genie: Not yet. But the Bangkok community as a whole is easy to adapt to, living life style, food, people are all good. I went to some local events, e.g. the Chang beer event near Exchange Towel, the Elephant festival, some local markets, etc. I also live close to an expat area. It was good a opportunity to experience local traditions, meet new people and try some local food.


Santa Fe Relocation thanks Genie for sharing her experience with us. We wish her all the best for the new adventure in Thailand!

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