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Indonesia – a diverse country with 240 million people living in an archipelago consisting of 17,508 islands, 400 ethnic groups and 300 distinct languages. Indonesia is also a world leader in biodiversity – second only to Brazil – with emerald forests and turquoise coral reefs teeming with plant and animal life. The largest economy in South East Asia and one of the fastest growing in the world, Indonesia is seen as an attractive destination for investors and is home to an increasing number of expatriates.

Moving to or from Sumatra? Santa Fe offers moving, relocation, real estate and visa & immigration services for individuals and companies moving to Indonesia and around the world. For Santa Fe’s full destination report on living and working in Sumatra, contact us today!

1. Indonesia Visa & Immigration Services – Indonesia visas, work permit or other documents
2. Relocations Services in Indonesia – including individual lump sum and corporate relocations to and from Indonesia
3. Indonesia Moving Services – local and international moving company within Indonesia and around the world
4. Indonesia Real Estate Services – complete home search services

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