We offer a full service that meets all your needs. Our reliable technology solutions support you and your employees in their relocation journey. And we’re always improving, actively looking for new and innovative ways to enhance our offering.


Client and assignee portals

Our digital portals provide secure and easy access to data, documents and reports. Everything you need is displayed in an intuitive and visual way, with what you need available in a few clicks.

They’re built to the highest security and GDPR standards, providing you with a safe and secure environment for all personal data. And they’re designed to make relocation easy.

Clients can initiate, manage, ask questions and get reports for all global assignments. Assignees can upload their relocation details, documents, and ask questions from their desktop or mobile devices. Perfect for secure information on the go.

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Clients can

  • Initiate new mobile employees
  • Select policies for each assignment, including flexible type of programmes
  • Retrieve documents
  • Monitor mobile employees progress in real time
  • Receive guidance on the next steps and actions
  • Exception review and approval capability
  • Access progress timelines for mobile employees
  • Get insights from dashboards and reports
  • Track costs

Mobile employees can

  • View all available services
  • Self-serve all our services
  • Track all relocation activities
  • Manage next steps with tasks & actions
  • Easily and securely upload and share documents
  • Submit expenses for approval
  • Access the timeline for their journey and services
  • Provide feedback on services
  • Ask questions and access help

Analytics Dashboards

Our dashboards offer a unified and holistic view of what’s happening in an assignment life cycle – including status of services, application processes and relocation progress. You’ll benefit from:

  • A complete overview of the progress of all mobile employees
  • Real-time access to relocation information
  • Ensure compliance and data integrity with access to key data and documentation
  • Extensive reporting via interactive dashboards and analytics
  • A tailored experience and information relevant to you
  • Cost tracking for visibility, easier planning, and budgeting

Our digital strategy guiding principles

Human and Digital

Balanced technology that makes it easy. Build stronger human connections between you, your mobile employees, and our consultants.

Putting customer value first

Our focus on technology amplifies the benefits for our clients and enhances the relocation experience.

Continuous improvement

We listen to our customers, market trends and tech innovation. We keep getting better so our services are better for you.

Best in class platforms

We seek to use the best technologies available, always.

Designed for flexibility and speed

We create systems that adapt, keep-up with an ever-changing world, and meet client needs.

Increase automation

We automate tasks where we can, leaving our teams free to focus on high value client engagement.

Data centric

By consolidating all data in one place, we provide an assignment 360-view and real-time analysis while ensuring GDPR compliance.

Modular Approach

We’re nimble. We adopt new platforms without client disruption. It allows us to maximise the power of API integrations.

Tailored solutions to your needs


We know we need to exceed the evolving needs of our clients. So we developed an ecosystem of best-in-class relocation platforms designed for flexibility and speed. And we’re consistently looking for new technologies that enhance the experience of our customers and our service delivery. Why not speak with a member of our team who can show you how our platforms work and what benefits they can bring to your organisation.

Our Global Mobility API to connect your Mobility Application

An important aspect of our digital offering is the capability to meet your unique requirements. To achieve that, we provide several ways to communicate with us. In fact, alongside our purpose-built assignee and HR portal, your mobility applications can be integrated with ours to streamline the messaging.

Santa Fe has developed a Standard Global Mobility API, seamlessly connecting your systems with ours for efficiency and data integrity purposes. This integration delivers multiple benefits for you:

  • A secure communication channel, eliminating risk associated with email correspondence
  • Enjoy your own familiar internal system with no need for multiple logins or use of other applications
  • Reduce the manual admin steps linked to initiating a move or work request, which also reduces errors and increases the speed of transacting
  • Access the data needed for control and reporting directly from your internal systems
  • Share and get access to key documents automatically via systems’ synchronisation, without the need for email exchanges or manual upload
  • Highly secure https encryption, GDPR compliant, limitation to authorised IP addresses only and two-step authentication*
    *Your confidential data is protected by the same technology used by the world’s most secure banks.
  • And all of this and our award-winning SFG relocation services throughout our engagement

Our platform exchanges a standard set of data points and documents so that services can be authorised from yours directly, and near real-time service updates are received confidently. We ensure that the processing is done within our technology platform, acting as the single source of truth for mobility related services data.

We have on-boarded multiple clients to our Global Mobility API, offering expert advice and guidance thanks to our dedicated and knowledgeable team.

Want to discuss how we could help your business?


A quote from one of our clients, a world leading aerospace company, who had Client Mobility API turned on summer 2021:

“The support provided to us by [the Santa Fe team] has been nothing short of excellent. With this project not only being the first supplier integration, but the first integration at all we have worked on as a team. The support and guidance we have been given has been crucial in our understanding, and ultimately the success of the work.

From the initial workshop sessions, Santa Fe have been clear in their requirements and instructions from what they require from us and any queries from our team or myself have been answered promptly and in what necessary detail was required.
The changes implemented by the integration between AssignmentPro [Client system] and Santa Fe have made our service initiation process more efficient, with less data entry required, and will lead to an overall improvement in the data transferred between [Client] and Santa Fe.

From our experience, we would have no doubt in recommending working with Santa Fe to integrate your system into the ecosystem.”

    Cybersecurity & GDPR


    We put security at the heart of everything we do, especially how we handle client data. We pride ourselves on having industry best-practice controls and security policies in place to keep data where it belongs, stored safely away. SFG has chosen best in class SaaS solutions and are working with the most trustworthy global enterprise software providers to stay at the forefront of data protection.

    Strong access control like two-Factor-Authentication, audit logging, high availability via a Resilient Network Design and rigorous Disaster Recovery all make our mobility management platform a safe place to store your data.

    Data protection

    Data protection and security is one of our top priorities. Fully acknowledging that we handle the most sensitive client data, we are leveraging a world-class platform that has been rated the best cloud-based CRM solution.

    Production data centres are designed to mitigate the risk of single points of failure and provide a resilient environment to support service continuity and performance. The service is built for high availability at both primary and disaster recovery sites with multiple dedicated connections for Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan.

    Data is held on mirrored servers in France and Germany and backed up for business continuity purposes. That way proximity and compliance regulations are assured to the highest standard.

    The Covered Services use industry-accepted encryption products to protect Customer Data and communications during transmissions between a customer’s network and the Covered Services, including through Transport Layer Encryption (TLS) leveraging at least 2048-bit RSA server certificates and 128-bit symmetric encryption keys at a minimum.

    Additionally, all data, including Customer Data, is transmitted between data centres for replication purposes across a dedicated, encrypted link utilizing AES-256 encryption. The data replication is instant and transparent to our clients.
    SFG users access this secure solution via SSO and two-factor-authentication and changes are monitored by an audit logging framework.

    We follow the seven principles of GDPR: lawfulness, fairness and transparency; purpose limitation; data minimisation; accuracy; storage limitation; integrity and confidentiality (security); and accountability. Santa Fe Relocation acts in the capacity of data processor following our clients’ explicit instructions as data controller; as such, we will have responsibility over accuracy, integrity and confidentiality (security), and accountability.

    Data protection and compliance guidelines are continuously changing and improving, and we are committed to change and improve in accordance with those guidelines.

    Want to know more about legal, regulatory and compliance? Visit our Legal, Regulatory and Compliance page.

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