Secure and innovative assignment management technology

Our integrated mobility solutions meet your needs.

At Santa Fe Relocation we listened to our customers and created unique and innovative assignment management technology no matter the size or complexity of your mobility program. Technology is a key foundation element supporting our approach to managing assignment programs. Since 2016 we have been leveraging our transformation program to provide excellent customer service thanks to our integrated technology solution supporting our global footprint.

Flexible and Compliant solutions

Santa Fe can adapt to each client’s nuances whilst ensuring a well-managed and compliant program which we can tailor and build for your business needs.

  • Flexible service delivery models, ranging from structured traditional programs to customised lump sum and core/flex solutions.
  • Single point of coordination at the heart of our philosophy to ensure the best client experience.
  • Human and digital approach. Santa Fe’s unique structure combines industry expertise and leading technology to manage risks, complex tasks and ensure assignee satisfaction.
  • Smart workflows and automation. Drive efficiencies, reduce touchpoints, and leverage accurate real-time reporting to manage your mobility program.

 Enhanced customer experience

Benefit from our Agile methodology and continuous enhancement of our technology offering. Feedback collected from our clients, assignees, and our internal teams, reviewed on a weekly basis by a change authorisation board composed of key subject matter experts and our business directors.

Strong digital roadmap, including both short-term and our long-term enhancements and projects. Santa Fe’s philosophy is to prioritise what will benefit the many. However, we will also address single critical requests from our clients, so each specific need is addressed.

An important aspect of our technology is the ability to integrate with our clients’ systems. Our live data exchange encompasses market standard data points from initial Clients’ service order data, to service progress and milestone updates. We ensure everything is done within our technology platform, so there is not time wasted entering the data multiple times.

Client and assignee portals

Key personal information and documents are securely shared and stored via our technology. It provides a holistic view for HR, mobility teams, and your mobile employees. You can easily access key milestones data, communicate with stakeholders, and oversee the next steps on each and every assignment.

Discover the benefits of dedicated access which is adjusted to everyone’s needs.
Whether you are a client, an assignee, or a vendor, only relevant information is displayed.

Secure, easy and individual access—Real-time statuses—GDPR compliant environment 

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HR clients can

  • Easily initiate new assignees
  • Select relevant policies and services (e.g. core/flex & lump sum)
  • Retrieve documents via the libraries
  • Monitor assignees progress
  • Get insights with Santa Fe dashboards and reports
  • Access costs overview, including estimates vs actuals

Assignees can

  • Choose to download our app on their tablet/phone or use the web portal
  • View all available services
  • Select their preferred services under flexible programs arrangements
  • Access timeline and track all relocations activities
  • Easily upload, view and retrieve documents
  • Quick access to your employees’ satisfaction with live feedback captured

Analytics Dashboards

Give a unified view of what’s happening in an assignment life cycle, including status of key services such as immigration applications and its progress across lines of business.

  • Give HR a complete overview of the entire mobility program and all their cases
  • Easy to access key document expiry reports
  • Quick access to your employees’ satisfaction with live feedback captured by our customers experience surveys (CSATs)
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Assignment management services tailored to your needs

Our services are designed to help you manage your Global Mobility programme that supports your internationally mobile workforce. Leveraging Santa Fe’s unique position to oversee, coordinate and deliver your mobility benefits to your assignee population allows you the freedom to deliver strategically for your business while knowing that your assignees are receiving the support they need.

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