Innovative destination service technology solutions

Santa Fe’s platform provides easy access for initiating relocation support requests, live progress activity tracking and detailed/flexible reporting capabilities so you have oversight of our end-to-end service delivery. Keep track of relocation costs and KPIs—the system has a built-in data depositary where all relocation documents are held, such as lease agreements, check-in reports, dilapidation claims and any other documentation relevant to your assignees and policy. We monitor assignee satisfaction through the key milestones of their relocation giving you absolute transparency on our service delivery. We provide a portal for your employees with family access which enables family members to feel connected and track every step of their relocation journey.

Our expert team will be at your side every step of the journey to answer any questions.  


Client and assignee portals

Our digital platforms are built around the needs for data privacy and compliance of the highest standards. These platforms feature reporting tools and secure storage of documents only to be accessed by authorised personnel.

Secure, easy and individual access—Real-time statuses—GDPR compliant environment 

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HR clients can

  • Easily initiate new assignees
  • Select policies for each assignment
  • Retrieve documents via the libraries
  • Monitor assignees progress
  • Get insights with Santa Fe dashboards and reports

Assignees can

  • View all available services
  • Track all relocation activities
  • Easily upload and share documents
  • Access timeline
  • Provide feedback on services and ask questions

Analytics Dashboards

Give a unified view of what’s happening in an assignment life cycle, including status of moves and associated services. 

  • Give HR a complete overview of the progress of all cases
  • Easy to access visa and travel document expiry reports 

Customer Satisfaction

Santa Fe’s transparent CSAT Programme is unique to the moving industry, throughout the move process customers are asked to provide real-time feedback on the service being received, enabling Santa Fe to quickly respond and take action to ensure that ever-moving journey is an overall five-star success.


Destination services tailored to your needs

Our award-winning services are tailored to you and your employees’ needs. From departure services to home finding, school search, language and cultural trainings and more. Santa Fe Destination Services include a specific set of local support solutions. These are designed to provide the most effective path to a smooth arrival in the new country.

Discover our full range of destination services
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Keep informed

Visit our location guides section to access helpful information on your chosen destinations.

Integrated Relocation

Santa Fe Destination Services integrates seamlessly with Santa Fe’s other service lines ensuring clients receive a fully integrated relocation service.

Assignment Management

We build a scalable outsourcing partnership for your organisation’s assignment management operations. Our integrated model manages the day-to-day tasks while you and your team focus on the strategy.

Compensation & Expenses

We provide a comprehensive compensation, cost and expense management programme. Our services include payroll delivery, programme arrangements, cost projections and global expense management solutions.

Corporate Immigration

We deliver the best in immigration solutions, covering all your needs. From visas, residence and work permit applications worldwide to immigration consulting and business travel management solutions.


We offer professional and personalised local and international home removal services of unrivalled quality, expertly designed and managed to ensure a seamless moving journey.

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