Strategic immigration consulting service tailored to your requirements.

Santa Fe’s Immigration Consulting is a strategic service to support your global immigration programme. Our consultancy services can range from broad reviews of a complete programme to specific projects that are relevant to your business. For example, our immigration consultants could help you develop recruitment policies and processes to ensure you comply with immigration laws.

Our immigration consulting firm regularly conducts compliance audits for clients, alongside other projects. For example, we could analyse a proposed or recently enacted legislative or policy change by government/s and identify the impact on your immigration programme.

Comprehensive programme management

We will help you structure your immigration programme. With all projects, our support involves:

  • Understanding your needs and establishing the parameters of the project
  • Analysing the data
  • Preparing our advice, recommendations or other deliverables

Let our team of immigration consultants guide you

As your immigration partner, our immigration consulting team will be by your side as you grow and evolve. We will make adjustments where needed and introduce new opportunities and immigration technology solutions to support all immigration aspects of your assignees’ relocation or travel.


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Immigration services tailored to your needs

Our services are designed to help you manage your internationally mobile workforce—from visas, residence and work permit applications worldwide to immigration consulting. We also provide business travel management solutions using the latest immigration software and technology, and much more.

Discover our full range of corporate immigration services

Assignment Management

We build a scalable outsourcing partnership for your organisation’s assignment management operations. Our integrated model manages the day-to-day tasks while you and your team focus on the strategy.

Compensation & Expenses

We provide a comprehensive compensation, cost and expense management programme. Our services include payroll delivery, programme arrangements, cost projections and global expense management solutions.

Destination Services

We support international employees and their families as they begin their lives in a new location—from finding a temporary or permanent home, to choosing the right school and settling in safely and compliantly.


We offer professional and personalised local and international moving services of unrivalled quality, expertly designed and managed to ensure a seamless experience—home moves and business relocation.

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