Borders closed for one month

According to the decision of the Hungarian Government, the borders of Hungary have been closed from 0:00 am 1st September 2020 for a month period. In accordance with the above measures, foreigners will not be able to enter Hungary for the duration of the measures.
According to the Official Gazette of Hungary (30 August 2020 – number 195) the following rules are the exceptions to enter to Hungary:

– Hungarian nationals – staying in quarantine for 14 days or 2 SARS-CoV-2 PCR negative tests
– Foreigners who have permanent residence permit (and family members)
– Foreigners who have valid residence permit more than 90 days issued by the Hungarian National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (Immigration Authority)

For all the other foreigners who would like to enter to Hungary there is an option to ask a special permission from the Hungarian Police with the following reasons:

– Personal appearance based on a case at the Hungarian Court
– Business travel or employment if it’s verified by an Official Invitation letter from a Governmental or Autonomous Organization
– Special Health Care
– Student status proofed with a certificate issued by the Educational Institution
– Transport activity proofed with a certificate issued by the employer
– Participation in family events (marriage, baptism, funeral)
– Care of a relative in accordance with Act V. of 2013 the Civil Code
– Participation at a sporting, cultural or church event of major international importance
– Any other justifiable reason.

The above application / special permission may be submitted only electronically, in Hungarian or English by the applicant or with power of attorney.

In the case of crossing the border for the same reason and time, the applicant and the relatives who are living in a same household shall be sufficient to submit one application.

If the application is approved by the Hungarian Police, there will be a section about the following:

– Mandatory to show the original document at the border control
– 14 days quarantine
– 2 SARS-CoV-2 PCR negative tests

Please note that the Hungarian Police has a right to approve or reject the applications and determines the above-mentioned rules.

The school year started from the 1st of September as usual with a regular classrooms teaching. Schools must comply with a strict protocol to prevent the risk of infection among the students.

In regards to the current situation Santa Fe can provide Virtual Home Search, Virtual School Search, Interactive Virtual Orientations Tours and offer Temporary Accommodation options. Physical services are being performed, as well.

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