White paper | The Future of Global Mobility: Demonstrating Strategic Value

What the white paper covers:

An increasing body of research points to the need for human resource professionals to establish alignment with, and actively contribute to, corporate strategy.

Santa Fe’s most recent Global Mobility Report 2016 showed that a majority (60%) of business leaders emphasise that the Global Mobility function needs to become more strategically aligned with an organisation’s business needs.

This paper explores the question: how do you demonstrate the strategic value you are tasked to contribute?

Written by our guest author Professor Sebastian Reiche, a leading authority on global mobility and global leadership gives HR and Global Mobility professionals his expert guidance.

Download the Paper to gain advice on:

  • The importance of demonstrating strategic value
  • How to identify the most relevant metrics
  • Common KPIs for tracking assignments
  • Guidance on adopting a strategic questioning approach
  • ROI metrics for Global Mobility
  • How to develop analytical literacy
  • How to amplify reporting to business leaders