The Immigration Department of Malaysia (MDEC & ESD) have reinstated the i-KAD Card for Employment Pass holders. The i-KAD will be issued upon the issuance of a pass sticker and ePASS.

Who will be affected?

All Employment Pass holders.


The i-KAD Card is a biometric residence permit (the size of a credit card) that bears the holder’s photo and other information to verify the identity. A valid i-KAD Card is the substitute identification document for foreign nationals recognised by the Department of Immigration in the Peninsular Malaysia and is required to be carried at all times.
The issuance of i-KAD Card for foreign workers was temporarily suspended in 2019 due to technical issues. However, the Immigration Department of Malaysia has rectified the technical issue and reinstated the i-KAD Card.


The i-KAD Card will be available for the holder of the following passes:

  1. Employment Pass (EP) Category I, II and III;
  2. Residence Pass -Talent (RP-T);
  3. Dependents of the RP-T;
  4. Transfer of Endorsement (passes valid for over six months).

Also to consider is the following:

  • The i-KAD Card is not a replacement document for international travel or travel between West Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia) and East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak).
  • As the i-KAD Card has just been reinstated, it will not be issued for Employment Pass holders under MDEC approval and pass stickers issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia in Penang state until further notice.
  • For cancellation, the i-KAD Card must be returned to the Immigration Department during the cancellation of passes process.
  • As such, an i-KAD Card is not replaced if the card is missing, stolen, amended or other reasons.
  • Malaysian Immigration still advises foreign workers to always carry a passport even though they have obtained the i-KAD Card as a valid document.

Date of implementation


For any inquiries or further clarification, you are welcome to reach out to the designated contacts below:

Samson Poore
Immigration Manager Malaysia
Santa Fe Relocation
+60 3 5569 1856

Robert Day
Group Head of Immigration Operations
Santa Fe Relocation
+44 7990 021125

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