Insights Paper | Talent trends 2020

Our in-house subject matter experts have rounded up the key current and future talent trends as we move into the next decade. A must-read!

“Global Mobility continues to be a vital tool for businesses to execute on their strategy. However, as we move into the next decade, we are seeing a shift in the profile of the mobile population. Now, more than ever, organisations are faced with a rapidly changing world which is disrupting traditional ways of working. Globalisation continues to be important for business growth, and to be successful, organisations must be agile to ensure they have the right skills in the right places. Challenges to achieving this are not only tighter regulatory controls and increased protectionism, but also a new type of war for talent—new digital skills are needed, some which exist and some which don’t, creating an interesting global competition for talent. Added to this, or perhaps as a result of this, the expectations of the workforce from their employment terms have shifted the balance of the employer/employee relationship. Employees expect flexibility, diversity, and the ability to work where they want.”

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As part of Santa Fe Relocation’s Global Mobility Insights series – helping HR/Global Mobility teams to support their internationally mobile employees.