White paper | Risk and compliance in Global Mobility: Navigating the maze

It’s our understanding that organisations with functional structures tend to segment their risk and compliance profiles. In this paper John Rason and Peter Ferrigno argue this will create silos of knowledge and prioritisation. Moreover, it would potentially restrict investment to ensure there is an overarching, connected framework for internationally mobile employees.

Have we had an incident yet? No. Ok, so let’s wait until something happens and we will deal with it then.

Does this resonate with leadership conversations? We believe this paper can be used as the supporting evidence to stimulate a more holistic re-think on your organisation’s risk and compliance profile for your internationally mobile workforce. We explore the layers of risk, what’s important, the commercial impact of the compliance breach and lastly some top tips to enhance your risk and compliance profile.

Reasons to download the paper:

  • Research and Global Mobility trends from the ‘Risk’ section of Santa Fe Relocation’s research report ‘2019 Global Mobility Survey ‘REVISION: Mobility through the looking glass’
  • Gain an understanding of the many levels of risk and compliance issues associated with international work arrangements, with insights on what’s most important.
  • Learn the commercial impact of a compliance breach.
  • Read case studies of common scenarios and challenges that Global Mobility teams find themselves in – with advice and recommendation on how to effectively handle them.
  • Get recommendations on how to enhance your risk and compliance profile.
  • Learn the top six challenges to achieving objectives towards 2021 (as predicted by HR/Global Mobility practitioners) and see brand new research of how these differ across industries.
  • See research findings and insights on: How do the Global Mobility department prepare employees to understand host location norms? When can breach lead to criminal prosecution?
  • And more!

This white paper is part of Santa Fe Relocation’s Global Mobility Insights series – helping HR/Global Mobility teams to support their internationally mobile employees.

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