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From arroz con leche to apfelstrudel: discovering German cuisine.

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Discover what Moises has to say about his relocation from Paraguay to Germany, and his new life in Frankfurt.

Was it difficult adapting to a new cuisine?

Moises: Up to a certain extent yes, but it was not as extreme. The seasoning, eating style and combinations is something that, in the beginning, I found quite odd and took some time to get used to. Having to depend on cafeteria food has both helped to adapt more quickly to German cuisine, and at the same time presented its own challenge in the beginning until getting used to it.

What local food surprised you the most and why?

Moises: I was quite surprised to find out the Apfelstrudel (one of my favourites) being served during lunch as a main dish. This was the same with other dishes that in my home town would be normally served as a dessert or during coffee time, but not during lunch as a main dish!

What’s your favourite German dish so far?

Moises: At this point is quite hard to choose since there is quite a good and interesting variety. The typical sausages (especially the spicy sausages), steaks that we can get on most festivals and Christmas markets are my absolute favourite and would get them at any chance I get.

Have you been able to find some food that is very typical to your home country?

Moises: Surprisingly, yes. I even found a bar that actually specializes in our typical food. And so far, I have been was always able to find in the supermarkets all the ingredients needed to prepare my typical food at home as well. A funny fact is that back home we always present as a typical dish the “arroz con leche”, which I was very surprised to find it here, named locally as “Milchreis”. In fact, this is very popular and available pretty much anywhere in Germany.

Have you been able to learn how to cook the local cuisine? If so, what did you cook and how did you do it?

Moises: I would say it is still a learning process. Certain dishes I still struggle to get them right, while others are getting a bit easier. For my first Christmas, our colleagues invited us to a nice evening event where we were taught how to make some Christmas cookies, punches and drinks. That was a very nice learning experience and a very nice way to get a better insight into the culture during this time.

Santa Fe Relocation thanks Moises for sharing this experience with us. We wish all the best for his life in Germany!

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