Your Moving Journey

At Santa Fe Relocation, we make moving home easy for you. Whether you’re moving locally, to a new city or to a new country, you can trust us to take care of you. We understand that we’re not just moving your physical belongings, but also your memories and your precious moments. We’re moving your entire life, so it’s important to us that you’re happy throughout the entire journey.

From home, to new home, and beyond

We’re here for you throughout your moving journey, offering you help at every step of the way. Here are the services we can offer to make your house move go smoothly.

Before you move:

  • Pre-move consultation
  • Home survey
  • Visa and immigration support
  • Home search
  • School search
  • Departure support
  • Packing

During the moving process:

  • Transportation
  • Shipment protection
  • Delivery
  • Unpacking
  • Handyman service

To help you settle in:

  • Secure storage
  • Settling-in services
  • Language training
  • Cultural training

Your relocation timeline

As you’ll know, if you’re making an international move, there’s a lot to think about, and you need to start considering some aspects of your home move earlier than you might think.

We’ve put together a timeline of all the key developments in your moving journey to give you a better idea of timings for an international house move.

Your personal Move Specialist

We’re with you through all the ups and downs of your moving journey. You’ll be assigned a Move Specialist who will be by your side every step of the way, guiding you through the process and coordinating all elements of your move.

Our move specialists follow our ISO-accredited Perfect Move methodology. This sets out a defined set of procedures that keep our standards high, and offer the very best quality to you, our customer.

You will receive frequent personal communication from your move specialist, including:

  • Scheduling of pre-move survey
  • Confirmation of pre-move survey date, and outline of what to expect during the survey
  • Contact after survey
  • Scheduling and confirmation of pack and load dates
  • Pre-pack call and document check to review any questions
  • Pack and load day calls
  • Update with transit details and dates
  • Updates on delivery/shipment en-route and estimated time of arrival
  • Finalisation of delivery schedule
  • Contact during and after delivery
  • Post-move follow-up call

Our professional packing service

With us, you can spend your precious time leading up to your move focusing on things that matter most. Our packing, shipping and unpacking service will make sure that you don’t have to lift a finger. We will transport your life seamlessly into your new dwellings.

Say goodbye to late-night packing for weeks before your moving day. Our professional packers will carefully pack your entire house in a day and ship your treasured possessions to your new destination with ease.

That’s right: no more boxes piling up inside and outside your house when you arrive in your new place. We unpack and carefully place your belongings in your new place, so it’s some-where that already feels like home.

One size fits all?

When it comes to relocation, we know that there’s no such thing as one size fits all.

We have a selection of high-quality boxes in all shapes and sizes, to cater for all your items no matter how big or small. From airfreight to archive, we use them all to make sure your precious belongings are transported safely from A to B.

We use pre-made, purpose-built boxes for hard-to-transport items like clothing, and we can also build custom protection for high value or fragile items, such as antiques.

You’ll get a household goods packing list with all your items clearly detailed for security and peace of mind.

We use pre-made purpose-built boxes for items such as clothing. And we can also build custom protection for high value and/or fragile items such as antiques. All your items are detailed clearly on our household goods packing list.

Environmental responsibility is important to us. We only use suppliers that are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. That means that our suppliers purchase and use paper, card, wood and other forest products that are produced from well-managed forests and/or recycled materials.

Moving your belongings

Once your items have been packed and loaded, we’ll take care of getting them safely to your new home.

Not only are we a world-class mover, but we’re also a licensed freight forwarder, so you can rest assured that we’ll transport your precious cargo in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

  • Road freight
    • Normally used on moves within a single country or region
    • Quickest and most cost-effective option for shorter distances
    • Can also be used for longer inland distances, or for locations not readily accessible by sea
  • Air freight
    • Often the best option when a fast delivery is required
    • Can be used when moving to remote locations
    • Used for destinations with specific customs or security regulations
    • Santa Fe partners with the world’s leading airlines to negotiate the best rates for you
  • Sea freight
    • Most versatile option, catering for a wide range of move sizes, locations and time schedules
    • We can pass our volume discounts to you, making this a cost-effective option

Shipment protection

We’re experts at shipping and transportation, and always take the highest level of care with your belongings. Sometimes, unfortunately, the unexpected does happen, which is why we offer shipment protection plans to give ad added peace of mind, even if you’re moving fragile objects

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Clearing customs

Moving internationally? Don’t worry about customs, as Santa Fe will deal with customs formalities on your behalf.

We do this, when required, at both the country of origin and in your destination. Customs requirements vary from country to country, but your move specialist will coordinate it all with you, arranging for the collection and submission of all required documentation to ensure it goes smoothly.


Whether you’re moving domestically or internationally, if you need storage space when you arrive at your destination, we’ve got you covered.

We have over half a million square metres of secure storage space worldwide, perfect for all your short- and long-term storage needs.

Need space? Get a storage quote.

Destination services

Our support doesn’t stop when you reach your new home. Whether you’re staying in the same area or moving to a different part of the world, we offer a wide range of services to help you settle in and make the most of your new location.

Departure Support

Our departure support service lets you move without worrying about loose ends.


Bespoke tours from a professional guide with genuine, first-hand local experience.

Home Finding

Our home search service helps connect you with dream properties based on your personal requirements.

School Search

Our team doesn’t just find the best schools for your child, we find the right schools with our school search service.

Settling In

Helping you settle in to your new place is something we do with care and consideration.

Language and Cultural Training

Learning the local language and culture is easy with our comprehensive training programs.

Ready to make your move?

Are you ready to embark on your moving journey? Get a moving quote from us today and we’ll be in touch to help you start making your move.

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