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Key Facts

Official Name: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Capital City: London

Official Languages: English

Religion: Church of England, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Sikh, Hindi, Jewish

Currency: Pound Sterling (£)

Time Zone: GMT

Country Domain: .uk

Country Tel Code: 44

Moving to United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland comprises the main island of Great Britain, which includes England, Scotland, and Wales, and Northern Ireland on the island of Ireland. Each region has its own distinctive culture and customs, and reserves some political rights.

The U.K. for the newcomer, Expatriates will find living in the U.K. a pleasant and enriching experience. The British are a close-knit homogeneous people who value their traditions. Visitors will find that they are justly proud of their many accomplishments over a long history in the arts, sciences, and politics and welcome sharing them with visitors.


The United Kingdom is, and has been for centuries, a constitutional monarchy with an hereditary monarch. The role of the monarch is largely ceremonial. The executive power rests in the hands of the Prime Minister, who is the leader of the majority party in Parliament. The Prime Minister selects the members of his cabinet. Governments generally remain in power for five years unless they lose a vote of "no confidence" in Parliament, or they choose to call an early election.


The U.K. remains one of the world's great trading and financial centers, with London as its hub. However, its overreliance on the financial services industry has meant that the U.K. felt the effects of the late 2000s global financial crises more than some of its EU partners, but it has rebounded. By the first quarter of 2012, inflation had fallen to 3.6 percent, and unemployment to 8.3 percent. The UK remains a major destination for companies from many countries investing abroad, or seeking a European base.


The U.K. offers a wide variety of different types of home and the terminology that describes them can be bewildering. Most suburban or country accommodation will be in family houses with yards "gardens." In cities, the choice will be much greater.


International schools generally offer a combination of the U.K. curriculum and examination system and the International Baccalaureate qualification, which allows the student access to, and in some cases class credit at, universities throughout the world. In most cases, there will be ESL classes as well as a wide range of foreign language options, although the medium of instruction is usually in English.

Visa & Immigration

Santa Fe offers Visa and Immigration services for the United Kingdom and countries around the world. For further information, please contact your local Santa Fe office.

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