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Our destination services support families as they begin their lives in a new location. Assignees and their families tell us that they feel well supported and confident thanks to the support we offer with all the key decisions they have to take.

Whatever your needs, we tailor our suite of services around your company’s policies, specific assignee needs and local requirements. We understand that moving can be an overwhelming experience; our experts will respond to what your assignees need most.

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Concierge services

Our concierge services will help plan and book flights for your relocating employees and their families. We organise airport transfers, car rentals and will provide all travel requirements including visibility of any COVID restrictions. We offer a streamlined process in compliance with your corporate travel policy.

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Pre-assignment trip and orientation

Area orientation is a valuable service that helps your assignees and their loved ones decide which local area is right for them. Santa Fe Relocation’s orientation programme includes a tour with a professional guide with local expertise. We adapt each tour to suit the interests of the family. We help them learn everything they need to know about working, living and thriving in their new home.

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Temporary housing

This service provides your assignees with high-quality and convenient accommodation before they move into their permanent home. Santa Fe Relocation offers a range of temporary housing options to suit all living requirements, including serviced apartments and short-term lets. Our relocation professionals are experienced in finding the most suitable home for assignees at the most cost-effective price.

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Home search

A flexible home search service designed to secure the best value property within your budget. We know how important the right home is to the long-term success of the relocation. We work closely with property professionals to provide local market knowledge and expertise. You will benefit from our detailed needs analysis check, global network of providers, lease negotiators and itinerary/budget planning. The needs of your assignees always come first, within your company policies.

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If your relocating family has children, schools are an essential part of settling into the new destination. We help your assignees secure the best school location for their children. Our professional school search programme considers existing and future education plans. We support specialist education requirements, our global network of consultants carry out needs analysis, compare options and set up school interviews. We also offer language and cultural training as well as spousal support.

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Settling in

Our settling in service deals with practical considerations to help families through the vital first few months of the relocation. We allow your assignees to focus on the most important things, like exploring their new home and putting the happiness of loved ones first. Our comprehensive settling in services take care of setting up banking services, neighbourhood orientations, car purchases/leases, healthcare searches and both automotive and property insurance services.

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Departure services

Before you leave a country there are many things to do. For example, people need to end leases and close bank accounts. They also have to deal with utility and broadcast contracts, arrange postal forwarding, property check-outs, fixing and cleaning and deposit return. Santa Fe can assist with all.

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Keep Informed

Visit our location guides section to access helpful information on your chosen destinations.


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