Financial administration services to help you efficiently manage your mobile employees

Research highlights that business leaders would prefer Global Mobility and HR professionals to spend less time on administrative tasks and focus more on talent, advisory and broader risk management governance. Our services are designed to reduce the administrative burden.


Compensation and Payroll services

Santa Fe cost estimates use reliable tax engine to calculate hypothetical and actual social security, employee and gross-ups. We deliver payroll instructions to global providers and systems automatically via an API or file transfer.

Cost estimates

Gives a quick and simple indication of the relative cost of an assignment. The projections are based on your organisation's policy. Our cost estimate typically includes data, such as cost of living and location/hardship allowances, pre-departure, ongoing and final assignment relocation costs. We offer cost estimates for all assignment types, estimated and actual costings as well as actual versus estimate variance analysis.

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Payroll services

Detailed balance sheet service, taking into consideration all allowances, salary, compensation, tax equalisation, housing norms, Cost of Living Adjustment (CoLA) data, relocation costs and all other assignment expenditures. Balance sheets are calculated on an individual candidate level, based on their specific assignment and circumstances, offering an exceptional level of insight and control over the term of the assignment. Our payroll solutions support multi-frequency, multi-currency, split pay, off-cycle calculations, and deliver payroll instructions to finance and HR personnel.

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Global Expense Management

We collaborate with your organisation to co-develop a tailor-made expense management service that delivers a self-contained, compliant, and auditable solution. We process in excess of 60,000 expenses worth €210 million every year.

Expense management services

Our expense management services simplify the administrative burden and collect expenses directly from your employees and suppliers, reducing costs and ensuring compliance. We offer a broad range of expense management solutions as well as funding and billing options designed to suit our clients' needs.

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Our technology

Cost estimates technology—quick and easy initiations from HR and mobility professionals who can run their own estimate based on initial inputs. Scenarios can be run for different move types, compensation, and locations, without the need to create an employee or assignment record. Once a cost estimate is produced, the data is automatically fed through to our compensation worksheet to produce the employee’s individual ‘balance sheet’ or compensation statements.

Compensation and payroll technology—Santa Fe’s single data repository stores individual assignee compensation and helps in managing data of benefits paid across your organisation. Payroll instructions are automatically delivered to external providers and to your organisation's systems via an API or file transfer.

Expense management technology—online functionality enables expenses to be submitted from anywhere in the world using mobile devices, irrespective of location or time zone so reimbursements are made without delay.

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