Innovative moving technology solutions

Whether it’s a single local move or complex moves across many cities and locations Santa Fe’s comprehensive range of in-house capabilities and market-leading technologies provide both support along the moving journey and updates into progress, combined with the assurance that everything can be retrieved at the click of a button.  Our technology solutions enable our corporate clients to quickly initiate moves and track the individual status of our service offerings ensuring timely updates and offering insights and full oversight of multiple assignee population.


Client and assignee portals

Our digital platforms are built around the needs for data privacy and compliance of the highest standards. These platforms feature reporting tools and secure storage of documents only to be accessed by authorised personnel.

Secure, easy and individual access—Real-time statuses—GDPR compliant environment 

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HR clients can

  • Easily initiate new assignees
  • Select policies for each assignment
  • Retrieve documents via the libraries
  • Monitor assignees progress
  • Get insights with Santa Fe dashboards and reports

Assignees can

  • View all available services
  • Track all their move activities
  • Easily upload and share documents
  • See a timeline of their move
  • Provide feedback on services
  • Access help and raise questions

Analytics Dashboards

Give a unified view of what’s happening in an assignment life cycle, including status of  moves and associated services.

  • Give HR a complete overview of the progress of all moves
  • Easy to access to moving-related documentation
  • Direct access to extensive reporting
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Moving services tailored to your needs

We offer professional and customisable moving services of unrivalled quality. We cater for every move from home removals and expert diplomatic moves to business relocation and move management services. We’ve designed a flexible range of solutions to meet the needs or your organisation and relocating employees. Our team will work with you on every aspect of your moving journey.

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