Webinar Video | The Future of Work and the Impact on Global Mobility

What the webinar covers  

Watch the on-demand videos of our webinar ‘The Future of Work and the Impact on Global Mobility’ from our ‘Global Mobility Insights’ series, which was originally broadcast live from London on 3 May 2018 at 9am.

  • Key findings of The Global Mobility Survey 2018.
  • The drivers and history milestones impacting globalisation, the evolution of international employee mobility and how globalisation drove a huge growth in the number of assignees moving.
  • We explore the hot topic ‘the future of work’. What changes are already happening? What is predicted for the future? How are these changing work patterns and expectations shaping Global Mobility trends, in particular assignment types? What are the key issues and challenges for Global Mobility teams?
  • How does the world of Global Mobility today compare with what’s predicted for tomorrow? Are we likely to see changes in the role and focus of the Global Mobility function?
  • Is there an opportunity for Global Mobility to transform?

Chair John Rason, Group Head of Consulting at Santa Fe Relocation is joined by Peter Ferrigno (Group Director Strategy & People at Santa Fe Relocation), David Carmichael, (Director, Global Mobility COE at CGI) and Jose Segade (Director at RES Forum).

Designed for Global Mobility professionals. The webinar is part of our ‘Global Mobility Insights series. Following the recent launch of Santa Fe Relocation’s 2018 Global Mobility Survey entitled ‘REACT: Transformation in the age of uncertainty‘, this webinar focuses on findings from section three of the report.