Webinar video | Global Mobility transformation—A board game or a puzzle? Americas edition

What the webinar covers:

In this webinar, we explore the opportunities and risks associated with transformation in the Global Mobility function. There may be pressure to undertake change for a variety of reasons, such as corporate cost optimization initiatives, HR restructuring, changes in business and talent requirements and, perhaps most importantly, a need to demonstrate more value using business analytics.

Watch the webinar to:

  • Determine the drivers for transformation and change
  • Evaluate what changes can be made within your own organization/function/role 
  • Manage stakeholder expectations – new roles, new rules, and how this differs for the Americas
  • Understand the dynamics of evaluating and selecting the right mobility partner(s)
  • Determine the value drivers that create an effective partnership

Key outcomes:

  • Developing an effective transformation map
  • Maximizing the value from global mobility transformation
  • Defining and building sustainable partnership transformations