Mikkel Kiil

Chief Operations Officer of Move

Mikkel joined Santa Fe in 2018 and is now Chief Operations Officer of Move.

Mikkel leads with a strong and clear focus on customer experience. He is responsible for increasing digitalisation and automation for our moving services, so they remain the best in the industry. He is building and maintaining our high-performance tech department to support our business so we can always deliver an exceptional experience for our customers.

Mikkel started his career in management consulting with McKinsey & Company; working in different industries within different lines of business to build a general toolbox for business optimisation.

Biggest professional achievement?

Turned around the B2B business for a Danish energy company by refocusing the organisation towards new renewable markets and putting a new and very talented team in place.

Best piece of leadership advice you ever received?

It’s not about showing short-term results but building a company that can replicate good performance. That can only be done by developing people.

Something unusual about yourself that most people at work don’t know.

I’ve been chairman of one of the largest political youth organisations in Denmark before choosing to go into business instead of politics.

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