Careers at Santa Fe

Santa Fe Relocation offers extensive career opportunities for aspiring and experienced global mobility professionals in the fields of:

+ Assignment management
+ Compensation and benefits
+ Supply chain management
+ Relocation management
+ Destination services
+ International moving
+ Immigration
+ Expense management
+ Records Management
+ Office Moving

Speak to us today if you are looking to progress your career in any of these areas.

Talent management

Talent Management is seen as one of the key drivers of employee mobility.  As a global mobility services company we realise its significance in enabling us to achieve learning and high service levels consistently across our global business.  Our own team comprises of HR, Learning and Talent Management professionals who are responsible for developing the following programmes:

Attracting & recruiting the best talent globally

We aim to attract and recruit the best in the global mobility industry.  We provide opportunities in a broad range of roles and global locations.

Graduate Recruitment

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Can you see yourself working in Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Beijing, Paris, Moscow, London or another exciting Santa Fe location?

If you are a graduate with a talent for language and business, we are offering graduates the opportunity to be part of the exciting world of global mobility.

Employee development opportunities

Our objective is to continually improve our service, share learning and best practices across our business. We offer training through The Academy.  Internal role transfers are also available which gives you the opportunity to experience working in overseas locations.  Places that you would never normally get to work in.

Employee retention

We believe that investing in our staff, providing development opportunities and offering a workplace that enables our employees to flourish is the reason why we have an exemplary employee retention record.

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