Santa Fe Relocation’s Global Mobility Survey

For the past ten years Santa Fe Relocation has produced a research report, the Global Mobility Survey with Savanta, an independent B2B research company.

The research aims to support HR/Global Mobility teams to have more strategic conversations with leadership and to benchmark and review current Global Mobility programmes, to help drive policy.

Download the latest report: Santa Fe Relocation’s Global Mobility Survey 2021/2022

Discover our Global Mobility Survey Report archive

2019 Global Mobility Survey | REVISION: Mobility through the looking glass

Revision” focuses on what transformation still needs to be done to ensure that Global Mobility remains a relevant and sustainable contributor to the deployment of internationally mobile employees. It also includes emerging work arrangements, reimaging the Global Mobility profession and balancing risk and compliance, and a look to the future.


2018 Global Mobility Survey | REACT: Transformation in the age of uncertainty

Our eighth edition Incorporates consistent themes from previous editions, including the types of assignments being employed by organisations, time spent by Global Mobility teams on Global Mobility and talent activities, challenges impacting Global Mobility, use of technology and data analytics.


2017 Global Mobility Survey | Embedding business strategy in Global Mobility

Our seventh edition focuses on the key question: 'How embedded is business strategy in your Global Mobility programme?


2016 Global Mobility Survey | Embedding Global Mobility at the heart of business strategy

Our sixth edition focuses on the strategic importance of an internationally mobile workforce to organisational growth, the development of future business leaders and the role played by the Global Mobility function.


2015 Global Mobility Survey | Responsive Global Mobility | Protecting your Global Mobility programme in a world of heightened risk

Our fifth edition focuses on key trends, and recommendations on enabling Global Mobility teams to create value at a strategic level, how can the Global Mobility function be more strategic when they are resource constrained and reviewing duty of care towards relocating employees.


For further information on how Santa Fe Relocation can help you shape your Mobility programmes, contact John Rason, Global Head of Consulting

As part of Santa Fe Relocation’s ‘Global Mobility Insights’ series – supporting HR/Global Mobility teams manage a globally mobile workforce


The reports are written my our subject matter experts. Each report also includes critical analysis and insights from industry leaders.

John Rason
Group Head of Consulting
Santa Fe Relocation

Recognised as a thought leader and speaker on strategic international HR, talent management and Global Mobility, John has 15 years of global consultancy experience, having previously held senior HR leadership roles in numerous global
businesses across a range of industry sectors, He now works with global organisations to create value and improve the structure of Global Mobility programmes; focusing on aligning strategic objectives with operational delivery.
Julia Palmer
Group Head of Relocation and Assignment Management
Santa Fe Relocation

A respected mobility advisor globally, Julia has 20 years’ big four experience working with clients across all regions and industries to develop their global mobility strategy and supporting framework. She has forged her expertise by transforming the mobility programmes of a wide range of organisations, from multinational conglomerates to brand new start-ups seeking to globalise;
consistently enabling these clients to form closer links between the talent and mobility agenda, with the use of data and insights.
Peter Graham
Group Director of Visa and Immigration
Santa Fe Relocation

Peter is a recognised thought leader and speaker on immigration, border management and security with almost 30 years in these fields of expertise. He has worked at every stage of the immigration lifecycle, including both national and international policy-making and strategy. After spending 17 years at the UK Home Office and 10 years leading IBM’s global border and immigration business, Peter joined Santa Fe Relocation in 2017.
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