Santa Fe Relocation — Budapest


Szallito UTCA 6, 1211 Budapest XX1, Hungary — View map

Corporate relocation enquiries

Santa Fe Relocation
Relocation services that your employer fully or partly pays.

Telephone: (+36) 188 86750

Personal move enquiries

Sanelo — a Santa Fe Relocation company
Move enquiries that are privately paid.

Telephone: (+36) 188 86750

*Sanelo is the brand name for our consumer business.
Visit the Sanelo website for more information.

Your moving company in Budapest

Our first Hungarian office opened in Budapest in 1993 to meet growing demand in the Relocation industry. We have been proudly providing moving services from our office in Budapest since it broke off from the Soviet Union and continue to offer an extensive list of services both to individual and corporate relocations.

Visa & Immigration Services – visas, work permit or other documents
Relocations Services – including individual lump sum and corporate relocations
Moving Services – local and international moving company