Moving to Czech Republic

This enchanting landlocked country harbours beautiful medieval towns and breath-taking mountains and is an ideal destination for foreigners seeking to start a new life abroad.

As a member of the EU and Schengen space, it is easy to travel to neighbouring countries and enjoy the full European experience. In fact, the Czech Republic is home to over 430,000 internationals, whose cultures have all influenced the local environment.

Home to 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Czech Republic is a historically rich country and its charming cities truly represent that. Nevertheless its numerous national parks and ski resorts remain a favourite for locals and expats alike and they are the perfect escape from the bustling city life of Prague.

Finding accommodation

Sorting out accommodation in the Czech Republic is relatively stress-free, thanks to effective real-estate agents and newspaper listings. Apartments are cheaper than the EU average despite high demands since the country has benefitted from recent economic growth. This means it’s easier to find homes in the centre of big cities like Prague. However, suburban areas and the countryside remain an attractive option for accommodation, particularly for families, as houses with gardens will be easier to find.


The Czech Republic prides itself on its effective and inclusive schooling system, with many public and private institutions accepting students of all ages each year. If the language difference is an issue, it may be worth looking at the available international schools for your children, most of which are in larger cities like Prague. However, the language barrier doesn’t need to become an issue, familiarising yourself and your children to some Czech and following the local educational system makes living like a local all the more fun!


The country has a thriving social scene particularly in its capital, with markets, restaurants and bars flourishing by the dozen. It is also a great country for outdoor activities like hiking and biking thanks to the bordering mountains and forests. In addition, the local communities are very inclusive of internationals and there are many organisations tailored to the interests and needs of expats. Yet the cities alone are worth living in this country for, with cobbled streets, impressive historical buildings boasting a classical architectural style, and enough museums to occupy you for a lifetime.

Good to know

The Czech Republic is known for its cheap, fast and clean public transport system, which means that you may not need to purchase a vehicle depending on where you live.

The Czech Republic has a continental climate, which means cold and snowy winters. Make sure you invest in a good pair of walking boots!

If you are not a European citizen, you will have to apply for a working visa and/or long-term residency permit before coming.

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