Orientation—a personal tour to introduce assignees and their families to their new destination.

We provide a reconnaissance “look and see” visit to before the start of a new assignment. The orientation visit takes place prior to a scheduled home search. Assignees and families find it is an efficient and cost-effective way to prepare themselves for a move. It gives them the opportunity to make informed decisions about their new location.

Santa Fe orientation programme provides information about daily life in the host country. We make sure your assignees visit one or more key areas so they can compare and contrast types of accommodation available, value for money and local facilities.

What’s included

  • Includes “Needs Analysis” to determine family interests, schools, and lifestyle considerations
  • Meet and greet
  • Accompanied area tour
  • Area information
  • Property overview
  • School overview
  • Everyday living advice
  • Security briefing
  • Location guide provided in electronic format
  • Pick up and drop off at the transferee’s temporary accommodation

To flesh out on Accompanied area tour:
Guided tour of the location: living areas / local area tour with traffic & commuting information, public transport, shopping options, markets, doctors, dentists, etc.; school areas, with overview of schooling options (if applicable)

Description of Pre-Assignment Tour

The Pre-assignment tour is a useful element of any mobility programme. It is a personal tour introducing assignees and their families to their new location. It can help sell the new location to a potential assignee, select the right area for home and school searches, and help during the settling-in stage.

Description of Orientation Tour

The Orientation service is designed to deliver a useful insight, a comprehensive overview of the location, the neighborhoods, with focus on office commuting, school locations and lifestyle expectations in general. It includes an accompanied tour guided by a professional area specialist, adapted to suit the interests of the assignee and accompanying family members. The Orientation considers everything assignees need to know for living and working in their new location.


  • Helps the assignee get excited about their new home
  • Identifies key considerations at an early stage to reduce overall costs of the relocation
  • Helps make informed decisions resulting in satisfaction and successful relocations

In advance of an accompanied orientation, Santa Fe researches the current property market in the nominated area(s). We will identify a limited number of sample properties, typically two or three, within parameters set by you (e.g. budget, proximity to the office).

Based on the information we receive; a specialist area consultant will prepare an orientation visit itinerary. Our specialist will meet your assignee family and conduct the visit, making sure we include features relevant to their personal interests and concerns. The area consultant will introduce the assignee to residential areas in which he or she may choose to live. Our consultant is also available to answer personal and lifestyle-related questions.

Assignees and their families often ask us about:

1—Transportation/commute times
2—Location of schools, kindergartens
3—Sports and leisure facilities
4—Local amenities and shopping areas
5—Consideration of spouse/partner’s occupation

You can book our orientation service to coincide with any pre-assignment business trips your assignee makes to the destination country. Some clients choose this as a stand-alone service. More often they ask us to deliver orientation services with a home search.

Promotes Anticipation: Fosters enthusiasm and anticipation for the assignee’s new living environment.

Strategic Cost Management: Identifies vital factors early on, leading to reduced overall relocation expenses.

Informed Decision-Making: Equips assignees with knowledge for well-informed choices, resulting in satisfaction and successful transitions.

Cultural Immersion: Facilitates an early introduction to the local culture, customs, and way of life, aiding in smoother integration

Enhanced Family Adjustment: Assists families in identifying child-friendly areas, schools, and activities, supporting family well-being

Real Estate Insights: Offers a glimpse into the local housing market, aiding assignees in aligning their expectations

Time Optimization: Maximizes the effectiveness of pre-assignment visits by concentrating on areas that align with the assignee’s preferences

Our Accompanied Orientation Service:

In preparation for an accompanied orientation, Santa Fe conducts thorough research into the current property market within the nominated area(s). We curate a selection of sample properties, usually two or three, tailored to your criteria (e.g., budget, proximity to office).

Utilizing this data, our specialized area consultant formulates an itinerary for the orientation visit. During the visit, our consultant engages with your assignee’s family, incorporating their individual interests and concerns into the tour. This personalized approach introduces potential residential areas for consideration.

Furthermore, our consultant serves as a valuable resource for addressing lifestyle queries and personal inquiries. Frequently raised topics include:

  • Transport and Commute: Insights into transportation options and commute times.
  • Education Facilities: Information about nearby schools and kindergartens.
  • Recreational Opportunities: Awareness of sports, leisure facilities, and local amenities.
  • Shopping and Convenience: Knowledge of shopping areas and local amenities.
  • Career Considerations: Guidance on spouse/partner’s potential occupation prospects.

Our orientation service can be aligned with pre-assignment business trips or independently scheduled. Clients often choose to combine our orientation services with home search assistance to ensure a holistic transition experience.


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