Business visa and immigration applications for assignees and their families.

Santa Fe Immigration application support and processing service offers support for the preparation and lodgement of business visa applications for your assignees to live and work in their destination countries. Our services include entry, re-entry, business visas and renewals. We also help with residence permits and we monitor visa expiries to make sure employer and assignees remain compliant.

Our qualified immigration lawyers and local immigration consultants work together with you to fully understand and resolve your specific immigration application challenges.

Applications for dependent family members

We provide support to clients who need visa applications for dependent family members. We can do this concurrently with the original application or afterwards if someone’s circumstances have changed (e.g., a new spouse, or a child born onshore). Our service includes visa renewal applications. In some jurisdictions, we will need to arrange applications for residence permits if these are separate from the work permit. We can also provide support for other visa types that permit employment, not just the standard “work permit” in that location.

Local legal support

The legal structure differs from country to country but, for simplicity, we will call a visa that allows someone to work in a country a “Work Permit”. In some locations, assignees need a “Residence Permit” in addition to the work permit. However, in most countries, the work permit is sufficient on its own. We have our own local teams so we can guide you efficiently.

We take clients and assignees through all the steps they need during their immigration application. We also ensure all the correct visas/work permits are secured at the outset.

Ongoing monitoring and visa renewals

We will also monitor assignees work visa expiries to ensure action is taken pre-expiry, so the client and employee remain compliant in the destination country.


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Immigration services tailored to your needs

Our services are designed to help you manage your internationally mobile workforce—from visas, residence and work permit applications worldwide to immigration consulting. We also provide business travel management solutions using the latest immigration software and technology, and much more.

Discover our full range of corporate immigration services

Assignment Management

We build a scalable outsourcing partnership for your organisation’s assignment management operations. Our integrated model manages the day-to-day tasks while you and your team focus on the strategy.

Compensation & Expenses

We provide a comprehensive compensation, cost and expense management programme. Our services include payroll delivery, programme arrangements, cost projections and global expense management solutions.

Destination Services

We support international employees and their families as they begin their lives in a new location—from finding a temporary or permanent home, to choosing the right school and settling in safely and compliantly.


We offer professional and personalised local and international home removal services of unrivalled quality, expertly designed and managed to ensure a seamless moving journey.

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