Efficient and versatile global immigration services tailored to your needs  

Santa Fe immigration services are designed to help you manage your internationally mobile workforce. We understand the industry and its challenges and offer a full range of corporate services locally and globally.  

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Our global immigration services for corporate clients delivers a comprehensive package of solutions for business. We manage your corporate relocations efficiently and effectively. 

Visas, residence and work permits

We offer a visa application support and processing service for assignees and their family. This includes entry, re-entry, business visas and renewals. We also support you with applications for residence permits and monitor visa expiries to make sure employer and assignees remain compliant.

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Global immigration coordination

Your organisation will benefit from Santa Fe Immigration local expertise at destination. We also provide consular support and liaison at the country of origin, thanks to our global presence and a strong network of partners.

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Visa and immigration consulting

We deliver a strategic service to support clients ‘global immigration programmes. We offer a broad range of consulting services from compliance audit to analysis of government policy changes. Each project is tailored to your specific needs.

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Business travel solutions

Our end-to-end digital solution is delivered in partnership with Visa HQ and Tracker Software Technologies to streamline visa tracking and application process. You will benefit from time saving efficiency, all-inclusive pricing, automatic visa and tax alerts notifications; along with a personalised client service.

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Posted worker notifications

The EU’s Posted Worker Directive requires companies to report where individuals from one member state are working in another member state. You can customise your posted worker solution to your organisational needs and requirements.

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Compliance support and audits

It is increasingly important to conduct the compliance checks for immigration, social security and COVID-19 in advance of travel to avoid issues upon arrival in the destination country. Santa Fe offers compliance support for business travellers and local hiring process reviews and audits.

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Consular services

With over 100 foreign ministries partners, we provide immigration support for diplomats and members of international institutions, from visa documentation collection and application assistance through to visa issuance. Legalisation, apostille, notarisation of documents, visa translations and more.

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Training and education for HR teams

We provide training and education support for your employees on relevant aspects of Visa and Immigration rules and regulations. We enable you to keep up to date through both face to face and web-based seminars.

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Local registration (where required)

Some countries require foreign nationals to register and/or report to a local government office on arrival and at frequent intervals during their residence. Our team provide advice and full support with these procedures where requested.

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