Navigating Global Mobility — Groupage’s voyage of evolution and efficiency

In the realm of Global Mobility, efficient logistics and streamlined processes are paramount. One key solution that stands out is Groupage, a consolidation service that combines multiple shipments into a single journey. But how exactly does Groupage redefine the landscape of international relocation?

In this edition of Reloverse, we embark on a deep dive into Groupage’s intricate pathways, from a simple concept to its transformative role in the Global Mobility landscape.

Setting sail with the essence of shared journeys

Imagine multiple boats on a vast sea, each with its destination but navigating together for mutual benefit. That’s the essence of Groupage. Like travellers sharing a journey, individual shipments, regardless of their size—small or large, unite to achieve common goals, ensuring each reaches its final harbour. Not every tale demands a grand stage and similarly, not every relocation requires an entire container. Groupage ensures that all these tales, irrespective of their magnitude, find their place in the vast narrative of global relocations.

Environment and cost benefits of the voyage

Fewer vessels mean fewer journeys and, by extension, a smaller environmental footprint. Groupage isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about responsible voyaging in a world seeking sustainable choices. Sharing the journey means sharing the expenses. With Groupage, clients only shoulder their part, ensuring relocations remain economically efficient.

Choosing your maritime strategy

While Full-container Loads (FCL) sail as swift and solitary mighty ships and Less than Container Loads (LCL) present an alternative for those who need more than Groupage but less than an entire container, Groupage distinguishes itself by harnessing the collective strength of multiple journeys. Each strategy has its advantages, yet when considering factors like urgency, budget and volume, Groupage emerges as the most consistent and cost-effective choice. The unity and adaptability inherent in Groupage offer a more tailored and efficient solution for diverse relocation needs.

Navigating tomorrow

Our Groupage methodology continuously evolves with the dawn of each new day. As Global Mobility advances, we foresee further technological integrations, enhanced efficiencies and sustainable choices that make the Groupage voyage even more enthralling. At Santa Fe, we set the gold standard and continuously innovate based on the valuable feedback from our global clients. Our vision for Groupage is a commitment to continual refinement and enhancement. To serve our clients with greater predictability, we are working towards establishing a schedule that includes regular shipments on a predetermined day each month, facilitating smoother and more efficient relocation planning.

Expanding the horizons

In our latest maritime endeavour, innovation takes the helm. Answering the call for expanded Groupage horizons, we’ve set our sails towards new shores, including Canada, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and the USA. From Antwerp’s guiding northern light to Barcelona’s spirited southern embrace, every new route promises synchronised voyages and set loading days. Our expansion goes beyond adding destinations; it’s about enhancing our shared journey, making sure every relocation story is part of a larger, cohesive venture.

Embracing the essence of Global Mobility

Groupage isn’t just a method; it captures the spirit of shared journeys. By grasping its intricate details, clients aren’t merely relocating possessions—they’re participating in a global voyage. This collective adventure considers cost, time, and the sustainability of our beautiful planet in its ethos. Just as understanding a place enriches travel experiences, knowing Groupage ensures relocations that are harmonious and effective.

Filip Leibl, Group Operations Manager at Santa Fe Relocation, reflects, “Our approach to Groupage is grounded in tangible benefits—it streamlines the relocation process by merging shipments, optimising costs without compromising on service quality. With our vision for Groupage, we aim to enhance its efficiency, sustainability and inclusivity, making it an even more compelling choice in Global Mobility. These goals are immediate pursuits, ensuring that Santa Fe’s Groupage service continually evolves to meet the needs of a connected world.”

Are you venturing into the expansive realm of Global Mobility? Allow us to be your compass, guiding you through the complex currents of international relocations. At Santa Fe, every journey is a tale worth telling, whether vast or intimate. Reach out to us at and together, we’ll plot a path to an impeccable relocation experience.

Filip Leibl
Group Operations Manager
Santa Fe Relocation

Henk Schutte
Head of Logistics UK, Germany, Switzerland
Santa Fe Relocation

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