ESG Sustainability — purpose mapping

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Discover how Santa Fe Relocation, in partnership with Prosperah, is taking an innovative approach to purpose mapping our stakeholder engagement survey to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

In this webinar, Dominic Offer, Santa Fe’s ESG Manager, and Prosperah will share insights into their process of engaging with various Santa Fe stakeholders, and how we have aligned our sustainability strategy to specific UN SDGs that will guide our sustainability efforts moving forward.

Key highlights

  • Sustainability strategy
  • Mapping UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Materiality assessment

Be part of this transformative journey and engage in our continuing ambition to drive sustainability. Your input and participation will make a real difference! Together, we can propel Santa Fe Relocation’s sustainability initiatives and strive to become the most sustainable business we can be.

Global Mobility for a better world!


Alice Troiano and Serena Cellini are the co-founders of Prosperah. They help businesses align their purpose to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by engaging key stakeholders, helping organizations to make a profound impact on people, the planet, and their own business success.

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