Santa Fe’s long-term ESG strategy


Join us for the unveiling of Santa Fe’s comprehensive long-term ESG strategy, a testament to our unwavering commitment to a sustainable future. We are thrilled to have our dedicated ESG Manager, Dominic Offer, lead this insightful presentation.

Key highlights

  • An in-depth exploration of our ESG strategy set for this pivotal decade of action.
  • Transparent goals and our vision for their realisation.
  • Engaging insights into our Stakeholder initiatives, materiality assessments, and robust regional action plans.
  • A deep dive into Santa Fe’s esteemed ESG committee and our roadmap for achieving our ambitious targets.

Our legacy

Our journey reflects steadfast dedication from signing the UN Global Compact in 2009 to boasting ISO accreditations across 25 warehouses.

Our vision

With an eye on the future, we’re determined to foster a planet in a better state than today. Delve into Santa Fe’s mission of collaboration, innovation, and championing Global Mobility rooted in sustainability.

Engage with us and be part of the global movement towards a sustainable future. Together, we can craft a world where business excellence harmonises with environmental responsibility.

Global Mobility for a better world!

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