Taking care of your planet, organisation and talent

A dedicated team of industry experts crafted this Global Mobility summer roundtable to foster stimulating dialogue, education and understanding. The day’s theme was taking care, with an emphasis on our planet, organisations, and talent.

Why taking care?

As Global Mobility evolves, there is an increasing corporate consciousness that talent mobility must align with the overall organisation’s commitment to sustainability and accountability.

How is talent mobilised? How do organisations remain compliant while embracing talent requests for cross-border remote working and work-from-anywhere proposals, and how to facilitate duty of care for employees working internationally and those with heavy business travel commitments?

Take a look at the event overview video kindly provided by Crowe.

Key reflections from the day

ESG integration

Incorporating ESG considerations into the overall HR/Global Mobility (GM) strategy and decision-making processes. Align the mobility programme with the organisation’s ESG goals and values.

Sustainability metrics

Develop specific ESG metrics and targets related to GM. Measure and track indicators, including carbon emissions associated with international assignments, diversity and inclusion in relocation practices, and employee well-being during mobility assignments.

Green mobility solutions

Encourage sustainable transportation options for employee mobility, such as promoting public transportation usage, electric or hybrid vehicles, and shared mobility services. Implement policies that support low-carbon commuting and transportation practices.

Ethical supplier selection

Evaluate and select suppliers and service providers for global mobility services based on their adherence to ESG principles. Consider suppliers who prioritise sustainability, fair labour practices, and social responsibility in their operations.

Diversity and inclusion

Ensure diversity and inclusion in global mobility practices by creating equal opportunities for employees from different backgrounds to participate in international assignments. Establish inclusive policies that support diverse employees during relocation, including cultural integration support.

Employee well-being

Prioritise employee well-being and support throughout the mobility process. Offer resources and programmes that address mental health, work-life balance, and overall wellness during relocation and international assignments.

This could include incorporating smart systems—designed not to check up on employees but to enable employees to check in with their HR and mobility teams when they need support.

Community engagement

Encourage employee engagement in local communities during international assignments. Support initiatives that contribute positively to local communities, such as volunteering, knowledge sharing, and cultural exchange.

Transparent reporting

Provide regular and transparent reporting on the organisation’s ESG performance related to global mobility. Include relevant ESG metrics, progress, and initiatives in sustainability reports and stakeholder communications.

Training and awareness

Educate employees and stakeholders about the importance of ESG in global mobility practices. Offer training programs that raise awareness about sustainable mobility options, cultural sensitivity, and ethical considerations in relocation.

Continuous improvement

Regularly review and refine HR Global Mobility policies and practices to integrate evolving ESG standards and best practices. Seek feedback from employees, monitor industry trends, and adapt strategies accordingly.

Governance of cross-border remote working (CBRW) and work from anywhere (WFA)

This could apply to the whole global workforce, and for GM to positively maintain control, using a filtered funnel approach will enable HR and GM to differentially assess only those who come through the series of qualifying questions. This optimises both resource and financial investment in assessing qualifying cases. It also ensures equity and a ‘felt fair’ process that combines duty of care with corporate governance.

Take a look at the event interview video featuring John Rason and Dominic Offer from Santa Fe Relocation.

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