Shanghai’s Customs Bonded Warehouse will be temporarily closed for approximately one week from 25 July, 2022, due to sporadic local cases kept emerging in the Chinese commercial hub despite Shanghai had lifted the two-month lockdown in early June.

We believe that these measures will remain in place until the results of mass testing on Monday, July 25 are analyzed and verified.

The phased lockdown triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak at the Customs Bonded Warehouse will remain in lockdown for the time being, as the authorities verify and analyze the test results. The streets of Yi Xian Road, East side of Yin Gao Road, and San Men Road will be shut down, trucking and linehaul activities will be suspended.

Future epidemic control measures will be rolled out based on the test results. But until then, Customs Officials and employees are required to stay at home. Certain districts of Shanghai will go through intensive nucleic acid tests twice in the coming three days of this week.

Please expect the negative impact to customs clearance. Vessel schedule delays and extra charges should be expected.

Import and export customs clearance via Shanghai port for all ongoing shipments is expected to be impacted, with delays incurring potential storage charges, container re-loading and off-loading charges.

Please contact Santa Fe China for further information

Jerry Lee
Moving Manager

Santa Fe Relocation
Shanghai, China
M: +86 18049775518

Kelvin Tan
Sales Director

Santa Fe Relocation
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