Corporate Immigration — Digital Nomad Visa for Italy

Santa Fe publication date

11 April 2024


Effective 29 February 2024, the Italian Government has published a new decree to regulate the rules regarding the entry and stay into Italy of non-EU citizens, specifically the so called digital nomads and remote workers who carry out highly skilled work using technology that allows them to work remotely.

Who will be affected?

This rule applies to digital nomads, meaning citizens of non-EU countries who engage in highly skilled work using technology that enables them to work remotely. This includes freelancers, as well as employees or collaborators of companies, even if those companies are not based in Italy


The new decree allow these specific workers to apply for their VISA outside the quota system and without requiring a prior approval (Nulla Osta) for work. Approval is at the discretion of the Consulate/Embassy and the visa may be denied or revoked if the employer or contractor residing in Italy has been convicted, even with a non-final sentence, in the last five years for specific offenses related to immigration law.

The new decree indicate also the requirements to be presented to the Consulate/Embassy for the application, main documents are proof of annual income (amount of which should be triple the minimum level required for exemption from health care costs), possession of health insurance, proof of accommodation availability, documents attesting at least six months of previous experience in the field and copy of a work contract/collaboration agreement/binding job offer


Once obtained approval from the Consulate/Embassy abroad, the person can enter Italy and submit the application directly at the Local Police Office within eight working days from the entry into the Country submitting the same documentation presented at the Consulate/Embassy.

Permit validity will be up to one year and renewal is permitted at the conditions that the requirements persist.

Family members can ask for a residence permit for family reasons to be reunited with the applicant and the validity of their stay permit will follow the worker’s permit.

Date of implementation

29 February 2024

Santa Fe recommendation

Nevertheless the publication of the new Decree, the new VISA option is still not operational as the upload on the Visa System at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italian Embassies and Consulates abroad) has not happened. Until the Visa process will not be finalized it will not be possible to apply for this type of VISA.

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