Equality plan — Santa Fe Spain registers equality plan with Dirección General de Trabajo

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the journey of Santa Fe, Spain, towards fostering an inclusive workplace. Our unwavering commitment to equality has culminated in registering our first equality plan with the Dirección General de Trabajo.

What is the first equality plan?

The first equality plan is a strategic framework aimed at ensuring equal treatment and opportunities between women and men within the workplace. This comprehensive initiative encompasses measures designed to eliminate gender bias in recruitment, training, promotion and salary. By establishing this plan, Santa Fe Relocation Spain pledges to actively dismantle any obstacles to equality, thereby championing a culture of diversity and inclusiveness.

The role of Dirección General de Trabajo

The Dirección General de Trabajo, a vital entity within the Spanish Ministry of Labour, is the regulatory body overseeing labour standards in Spain. Registration with this authority signifies that our Equality Plan meets rigorous national standards and is a public testament to our dedication to upholding these values.

Moving forward with purpose

Registration is only the beginning. The most exciting work lies ahead as we put our plan into action. With clear objectives and goals, we are not just aspiring to change—we are instituting tangible reforms within our corporate structure. We extend heartfelt thanks to Joti Alonso, Sara Serantes, Federico Montilla and Tatiana Eguzquiza for leading the charge in this essential initiative.

Equality—a core company value

At Santa Fe Relocation Services Spain, equality is more than a policy; it’s a core company value. This plan lays a robust foundation for all employees, irrespective of gender, to thrive and progress based on merit and ability. We are committed to transparency and accountability in our journey toward achieving and maintaining an egalitarian work environment.

Our promise to our customers and employees

To our esteemed clients and dedicated employees, we pledge that Santa Fe Spain, is a place where diversity is celebrated, and everyone is valued. By ensuring equal possibilities for advancement and equitable salary grades, we are not only enhancing our workplace but also the quality and integrity of the services we provide to you.

Join us in celebrating equality

We invite you to join us in celebrating this pivotal moment. As we progress, we will continue to update you on our progress and the positive changes we are making. Together, we can all look forward to a brighter, more equal future at Santa Fe Spain.

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