China immigration policy updates

What is the latest quarantine policy for people into mainland China?
The current quarantine policy for people entering mainland China is that all inbound travellers into mainland China need to go through a 14-day government quarantine and then 7-day community-based health condition monitoring period.
People entering mainland China from all overseas countries or areas regardless nationality or whether inoculated with Covid-19 vaccines or not will need to follow the same quarantine policy except for those from Macau who haven’t been out of Macau 14 days before entering mainland China.

Can people go to China to travel?
No. Currently, China authority doesn’t issue tourist visa.

Can people go to China for business trip?
Yes, Chinese embassies/consulates issue business travel visa (M visa) to applicant, but applicant should obtain a PU letter first prior to the application, which is an invitation letter issued by the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office or Department of Commerce where the applicant’s Chinese sponsoring company belongs to.

Can I apply for exemption from quarantine if I have already been inoculated with Covid vaccines?
No. The quarantine policy (14-day government quarantine + 7-day community based health condition monitoring) applies to everyone entering mainland China from overseas countries or areas including people already vaccinated.

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