Immigration update: Italy eased COVID restrictions

    Starting from the 1st of April 2022 the stato di emergenza (state of emergency) related to COVID situation has ended.

    For this reason some restrictions previously in force are no more valid accordingly to the Decree issued on the 17th of March 2022.

    Here below are the changes/regulations that will be now in force:

    Green Pass rinforzato (obtained after completion of vaccination cycle and recovery from COVID) and Green Pass base (obtained after a negative COVID test) will no more be needed for entering into shops, hotel, public offices, postal offices, bank and bar/restaurant but only for outdoor tables and local public transports (such as metro, bus, tram)

    Green Pass base will still be needed for bar/restaurant for indoor tables and for long transport public transport (such as train, flight) and outdoor sports competitions

    Green Pass rafforzato will still be needed for entering into gym, swimming pool facilities, spas, wellness center, canteen and catering, gambling halls, disco, conference and congress center and indoor sports competitions

    Wearing FFP2 mask is still mandatory to access all indoor public spaces, with the exception of schools, public transportations and for sports and shows events both indoor and outdoor

    Compulsory vaccination for people age more than 50, teachers, doctors and law enforcements remains until 15th of June with the exclusion for medical staff and people working in RSA facilities for which the compulsory vaccination will be valid until the end of the year.

    Contact of positive person will no more be put under quarantine period whilst the rules for positive person will remain the same (so isolation period according vaccination status and end of it at the negative result of a COVID test)

    Starting from the 1st of May Green Pass use will be gradually erased accordingly to the spread of the virus and positive number cases.

    Previous travel regulations have been, instead, extended until 30th of April. Free movement is allowed to and from all countries and for any reason, therefore also for tourism.

    The legislation provides that, upon entry into Italy, the following will be mandatory:

    • Fill in the Digital Passenger Locator Form before entering Italy
    • Providing the EU Digital COVID Certificate or other equivalent certification in Italian, English, French or Spanish, showing or to have completed the prescribed provided cycle vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 (certificate is valid for 9 months from last dose of vaccination done for the purpose of entry) or to have recovered from COVID-19 (certificate is valid for 6 months from date of recovery for the purpose of entry) or to have undergone a molecular or antigenic swab carried out prior to entry into Italy and whose result is negative (molecular swab to be carried out within seventy-two hours prior to entry into Italy, antigenic swab to be carried out within forty-eight hours prior to entry into Italy).


    In case person who enters into Italy does not have a valid certification, a 5 days fiduciary isolation period is compulsory and it must be conducted at the address declared in the Passenger Locator Form, at the end of which it is mandatory to undertake a molecular or antigenic swab.

    All children under 6 years of age entering Italy are always exempt from the pre-departure swab; they are also exempt from the fiduciary isolation. By 6 years old children must follow adults’ regulation.

    Santa Fe will update about any relevant update arising considering this scenario might change accordingly to the scenario and spread of new possible cases.

    Should you have any questions, please contact the following or your respective case consultants.

    Sabrina Dal Col
    Relocation Manager
    Santa Fe Relocation
    Milan, Italy
    D +39 029955649

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