Updates on travel restrictions

The government provided an update regarding travels restrictions.

Who will be affected?

People who need to travel to/from Italy.


Due to the large outbreak of Covid–19 in Italy, new extraordinary laws were implemented and new restrictions/measures put in charge.


People who are supposed to travel to/from Italy must expect restrictions.


Ordinance 30 July 2020 by the Ministry of Health, establishes that transfer of people resident in Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Ruanda, , Republic of Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay are possible for any reason but is still in force the obligation of 14 days quarantine at the arrival and compulsory communication to the authorities.

Art. 6 states that starting from 3 June 2020 are allowed travels to/from:
– EU countries
– Schengen countries
– United Kingdom and North Ireland
– Andorra, Monaco, Republic of San Marino and Vatican

can enter without restrictions and quarantine.

People coming from Bulgaria and Romania and that stayed/transited in those countries 14 days prior the arrival in Italy, are subject to health vigilance and quarantine.

Travels from/to extra EU and not Schengen countries are allowed only for work, health, study, proved need and to reenter domicile/residence with 14 days quarantine period.

Is forbidden the entrance and transit in Italy to people who 14 days prior their entrance in Italy stayed or passed through one of the following Countries: Armenia, Bahrein, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bosnia Erzegovina, Chile, Dominican Republic, Kosovo, Kuwait, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Moldova, Oman, Panama, Peru, Serbia. The only exception is for citizens and their close family members, of Eu countries, Schengen countries, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino Republic, Vatican, UK if they were resident in Italy before 9 July 2020 for the first group and before 16 July 2020 for Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro.

Next Steps (or) Actions Required

People who need to travel to/outside Italy, must consider the new conditions and check with the airline further restrictions/travel bans.

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