In connection with the introduction of the Act of December 10, 2020, there is an amendment of the Act on the entry into the territory of the Republic of Poland, residence and departure from this territory of EU citizens and their family members and some other acts. It is published in the Journal of Laws 2020, 2369 and accordingly, changes will apply to the registration process of EU citizens’ residence

What will change?

+ Personal presence required for each applicant who turned 6 years old on the day of registration
+ Submission of fingerprints is required during the meeting at the Voivodship Office
+ Introduction of a 10 year validity date for the registration of an EU citizen’s stay
+ Biometric photo is required for the submission of the application for registration of stay
+ New format of the document issued by the Voivodship Office similar to the cards issued to citizens from outside the EU
+Collection of the document in person is required , as well as confirmation of the the correctness of the data and fingerprints

The existing residence registration documents held by EU citizens residing in Poland are valid until August 3, 2026. However, these documents have to be exchanged to the new format by August, 3. 2026.

The above changes will be effective on August 2, 2021. The full list of documents required by Voivodship Offices will be made available by 30 July 2021.

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