Industry awards — Santa Fe Relocation celebrates prestigious award from Atlas International, highlighting our exceptional global partnership

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Santa Fe Relocation has been honoured with a significant award by Atlas International, a testament to our commitment to excellence in customer service and strong partnership bonds.

Nathan Zyduck, SVP, Chief Strategy and Development Officer at Atlas, remarked during the Atlas Convention in Miami, “Annually, we celebrate the dedication and outstanding service of our global partners. We are pleased to recognise Santa Fe as a distinguished recipient this year based on their unparalleled customer service, impressive volume and robust partnership.”

With a robust network of 15,000 approved partners worldwide, Santa Fe stands as a global force, fostering connections that deliver tangible benefits to our clients. Our partnerships are the cornerstone of our ethos, ensuring seamless, high-quality service across continents and cultures. They affirm that wherever our clients’ aspirations take them, they can rely on the reliability and excellence synonymous with the Santa Fe experience.

This award is not only a milestone for us but also a reassurance for our customers who rely on the strength of our partnerships to make their international relocation experiences as smooth as possible. We believe that it’s these collaborations that empower us to deliver the exceptional service our clients deserve.

As we celebrate this moment, we also look forward with enthusiasm to 2024, aiming to strengthen our business relationships further and provide outstanding relocation services.

For more insights into the services and ethos of Atlas, we encourage you to visit their website:

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