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As we navigate the evolving world of work, employee wellbeing remains paramount. Organisations flourish when they prioritise the wellbeing of their staff, fueling improved performance. In the realm of international work arrangements, taking care of wellbeing becomes intricately complex. From providing relocation support to understanding the intricacies of international assignments, every element of support matters. These aspects can profoundly influence an employee’s experience and that of their family, impacting both productivity and mental and emotional health.

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Why this research matters

We are privileged to have collaborated with John Rason, Julia Palmer and Dominic Offer from our in-house team and external expert Selina Jones-May from Lumentum. Their collective insights have meticulously shaped the questions for this survey, ensuring we address the most pertinent issues in Global Mobility today.

Whether you’re a Global Mobility, HR professional, wellbeing specialist or someone involved in international work arrangements, we would immensely value your engagement in our survey. Your insights will drive wellbeing visibility as a critical talent lever for international work arrangements and ultimately, organisation performance.

The landscape of Global Mobility talent is vast and organisations constantly seek clarity on the following:

  • Strategic HR priorities and their alignment with wellbeing strategies.
  • Current wellbeing initiatives in place.
  • Wellbeing challenges faced by employees on international assignments, especially financial ones.
  • What interventions, tools, processes and guidelines are organisations utilising to enhance wellbeing?
  • What is the current state of the role of destination services in supporting the wellbeing of relocating employees and their families?

Furthermore, the questions of accountability and measuring the tangible impacts of wellbeing on organisational ROI remain critical. Over the past couple of years, have there been noticeable trends in medical claims, employee turnover or absenteeism?

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Take our wellbeing survey now

At Santa Fe Relocation, our dedication to understanding and reshaping global mobility is unyielding. Over the years, our Global Mobility Survey (GMS) report series has stood as a testament to our commitment. From gathering indispensable data to providing valuable insights, the series aids HR and Global Mobility professionals in making data-driven decisions. The GMS series has become a recognised and invaluable industry resource with eleven awards in the past five years. Our latest edition, the GMS report 2022/23 Reshaping Global Mobility, is no exception.

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Have you observed a shift in employee wellbeing in your organisation? Share your thoughts below!

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